3 ways how faith increases your productivity

On the road to masculinity everyone will stumble sooner or later upon one pivotal point: Focus. Focus is absolutely essential when it comes to being productive and successful in a manly way.

But I would never have thougth how turning back to my christian roots would boost my efficiency and release the burning enthusiasm I was looking for so long. You wouldn’t be here reading this if you weren’t interested in improving your productivity and living prosperous as well, would you?

Well, let me explain how all that was discovered thousands of years ago and we will begin with the wisdom of an ancient people lost in the desert.

#1 The restraint of adultery helps you focusing on your goals

You’ve all heard about the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments were designed to help the people not wasting their energy and do things that would harm them subconsiously. For example Rule no. 7 you shall not commit adultery.
Well as men we all like sex and use to look after hot girls, especially on sunny summer days. This is completely natural and denying it would disconnect us from our primal power. But how often have you been distracted by pornography that prevented you from working enthusiastically on your project? How often did the sudden pop-up with the nude disrupt your flow, leaving you unfocused and in frustration about your weakness? A heck of a lot of us fight every day with porn-addiction. This is no secret, yourbrainonporn.com got famous for addressing this problem. But this problem arises not only in our brains, it only correlates with it.

The real stuff is happening in our chakra system.

Whenever we are productive and feeling in charge of our lifes our solar plexus chakra is highly active. You may be able to feel it warm and powerful in your stomach or chest area. What is happening if we get aroused by the sight of naked women like porn ads? The same energy is now descending into the area of the gut, leaving us with full balls and feeling horny as f*ck. And, if worse, it stays there. Our subconsious programming is telling us I just saw a naked woman, why aren’t we f*cking her? It creates a fixation. Our subconsious doesn’t understand the difference between a real woman who is available and pixels on the screen, it arouses us anyway. But now we can’t manage to controlling our workflow anymore because arousal is the opposite of control. Yes this is science-approved. We can’t be aroused and in charge at the same time.
If you are like me you want to be in charge.

Once the energy has descended unintended into our sacral area, we have to let it rise again into the upper chakras to we regain focus. You have to practice that. Close that porn site. Close that f*cking ad. Draw your eyes away from that short skirt and concentrate on your life goals.
I tell you this is done much easier if you have a spouse you can commit your sexuality to.

If we 100% and with all our heart commit to a spouse we decide to experience sex and arousal exclusively in a partnership. This enables us to avert our eyes determined from stimuli that demolish our masculine focus. When we invest our sexual power into a life-long commitment we liberate ourselves from the urging demands of our sacral chakra. This only works if we make sexual satisfaction outside of the partnership no option anymore. Instead our masculine energy can consistently flow upwards directly into the solar chakra where we use it to make life-changing visions reality.

The commandment against adultery is actually designed to prevent people from losing their focus and power on their productivity. In my coming book I will help you developing dozens of techniques for regaining focus. We will even go in depth about reversing the energy flow and how you invest masculine sexuality fully into a prosperous relationship. But for now let’s proceed.

#2 Commandments 6, 8 and 9 are created so you can life in alignment with yourself.

You shall not murder.
You shall not steal.
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

If you are christian or not, those are common moral rules amongst humans, found in law systems of most cultures all around the world. Yet they often get broken. Not only overtly from criminals or corrupt politicians everyone knows about. I’m talking as well about the decisions made in our hearts that we think are not visible to others. There’s a reason it is written that we already „sin in our thoughts“. The problem is that robbing the cashbox or seducing the neighbour’s wife even in our imagination leads to a potential split in our psyche.

I know, we’re all imagining things.

You may regard other people as strangers, justify stealing a purse out of poverty or using white lies to „protect“ your ego. But for your subconsiousness people are always a representation of parts of yourself. So when you lie to your girlfriend about last night’s affair you’re lying in fact to yourself.
By trying to hide something you’re always denying a part of you and need to set up a fake personality. Imagine dirty trenches in your self-image that rip even deeper with time. This costs tons of energy to maintain and comes along with feelings of guilt. Try to always align with the truth as far as possible.
When you’re angry at someone you are in fact frustrated that this guy is representating an inconvenient part of your subconsciousness. Assumed you would murder him, you would kill as well something inside you. Something of you that desperately craved for love, but instead of meeting its needs you violently drained it of life. Those so created separations in your subconscious will torture you for a lifetime if you don’t address them. The so-called hell on earth. You clearly want to avoid that when your main goal is to stay on the path to success.

There’s a reason it says God sees it all.

Those commandments weren’t created by an arbitrary tyrant of a god. They were designed according to the deepest universal laws to protect your self. By obeying to them you’re restraining your impulses from committing self-harm. You become able to 100-percently focus on your mission without destraction.

#3 The belief in a God-given purpose energizes you

Some days you wake up excited to be alive, sparkling of energy. You feel the awesome things waiting for you in the future and can’t wait to grap the opportunities by the balls. Your heart opens up to welcome the day.

When was the last time you felt this excited about stepping into the future?

Christians don’t fear the future. Contrary to many contemporaries they regard every day as a gift. Because their deep-rooted belief helds a fantastic future ready. They identify as souls led by God back to their true home instead as human bodies struggling to survive in everyday-life. Convinced that in their afterlife they will experience God’s unconditional love and the greatest fullfillingness imaginable. For eternity. I would be excited as well, wouldn’t you?
Regardless if this is reasonably or not, the mere convincement that good and grace are awaiting you opens your heart right here right now. You can feel it.

The heart chakra correlates with perceptions of love and acceptance. Suddenly your circumstances change from dull colors into bright and delightful ones. You begin to see opportunities, welcome warmly the people in your life and develop joy in improving your life. When your heart is involved in your work, you will make better decisions. Whatever you do, you will be more in alignment with yourself and the people around you what certainly is in God’s favour.

Now it has become a common trend to look for one’s purpose or to create one out of the blue. This is mostly based on desires and wishes of the subconscious psyche. And desires and wishes are, as psychologists know, often a result of unsolved issues deeply burried inside your soul that you’re not even aware of. Often to be located in lower parts of the chakra system. What happens now if those issues create desires and you make a noble „purpose“ out of it? Exactly, you reinforce those issues even more.
If instead you orient yourself on the highest destination of christian faith – god’s brightest perfection and unconditional love – purposeful goals and ideas will arise of higher parts of your subconscious, bringing the lower ones in alignment to work efficiently together. Instead of a purpose you created it’ll feel more like one you receive. Accompanied of a warm vibration in your heart region.

The heart chakra is located higher than the solar plexus and provides therefore a more complete sight of the world. The actual energy is meant to rise bottom-up, the hierarchical order goes top-down. This system is a holarchic one, meaning the chakras of higher order are always integrating the lower ones. This way, new perspectives of the whole are created every time your energy rises. Imagine adding new pieces fitting into a game of puzzle. New perspectives equals new ideas and innovations as I will explain in further detail in my future book about integral masculinity. There are tons of ways to activate one’s energy into a flow-like state designed especially for men. But in my experience nothing beats faith.

I watched myself beginning to work enthusiastically. The former burden of life-responsibilities changed excitingly into gifted opportunities. The perception that God instead of myself provided me with a purpose and wants me to succeed enabled me to move projects far beyond the horizons I expected.

I do not know any other belief system of any other culture (I studied social anthropology) that sets free so much productive enthusiam and love more than true faith. It may sound counterintuitive but even for businessmen having a look on the bible won’t be wasted time.

I know for sure that if we follow His lead, He wants us to be successful.

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