Fukken Chess

Today while playing chess I thought I fuckin’ hate this game. I don’t like primitive games. Yes you got me right, primitive.

What, a game world-widely known as complex and difficult to master? The game of games?

I didn’t say it’s not difficult, I called it primitive. It’s strictly logical. Based on rules you can feed a computer with so it can beat you. You can dismantle it fastly into binary pieces of black and white, if’s and then’s. To play chess is nothing more than to run a program on your logic system in your brain.

Where’s the spontaneity? Where’s the psychology? Why rely completely on logic thinking and miss out the gut feeling?

That’s why I like poker. Not online poker where it’s only about mathematics. Math works also binary, strictly logical. But real poker involves a lot more. Sitting for hours on a poker table and playing high stakes requires everything from you. Maths. Psychology. The ability to calm your nerves. The ability to be an actor. To fight your greed. Dealing with chance. Much like real life. And as there are so much strategies to deal with real life, so much strategies exist for playing poker. Some only rely on calculating their chances pretty fast. Others have a great psychological sense for when an opponnent is struggling. Others decide very impulsively out of their gut feeling. All of them have to react on partly unpredictable and fast changing conditions. And all of them have to deal with opponents with different strategies.

That’s why I like fukken poker so much more than chess.

Time to make chess fun again.


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