How to get up primal style

Struggling with getting up? Do you need your daily dose of caffeine or cigarette to get into a half-way sociable mood?

Let me share a package of techniques for your morning routine I developed to release my inner beast every day. They will surely help you as well to get energized and motivated to grab your daily life by the balls.

Let’s get started.

#1 Get up really early

Did you ever wonder why you feel physically well rested but exhaust mentally pretty fast when you sleep till noon? It’s because our bodies are designed to get up early. Okay you’ve heard that before. But what do you actually know about how you harm your psyche when you stay in bed until the last minute?
The ancient wisdom of yoga tells us that human bodies begin to wake up around 3:30. This goes hand in hand with the activation of the root chakra, located at the bottom of the pelvis. There, the energy begins to rise slowly, making it’s way up to the higher chakras.
The root chakra correlates with the subconscious need to secure your survival. It creates the urge of getting into movement, of getting the environment under control and to nourish the body. Those acts are basic necessities for your subconscious so you can feel safe.
By laying in bed late and not adressing the needs of this chakra your subconsciousness gets concerned that you may not survive in this world. You can’t trick your primal psyche. Someone who’s sleeping all day is more likely to get torn apart by predators than the early bird. So it creates nagging fear to push you into actions that will secure your survival. When you wake up late thoughts will arise that tell you you have to do this today! You must accomplish this task! You must be nice to the people around you (otherwise they may kill you)! Your brain gets filled with stressful thoughts. This is what creates your bad mood in the morning.

Get up really f*ckin’ early. You were sleeping unconsciously for hours, get reassured that you are still able to survive. Just make sure your body wakes up before your brain does, darling.

#2 Move

The first thing you do after waking up is moving. Not staying in bed, allowing thoughts to arise. No-no. Get out for a walk, a short one is okay. Fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. Open your windows. Drive away thoughts and mental sh*t of your still-sleeping brain. You can as well do some yoga or stretching, literally everything that directs your awareness to your body is okay.
Running is great, because you’re stomping on the ground with your feet. This provides you automatically with a sense of connectedness to the earth. Get grounded. Feel like a predator on a hunt. You can also accomplish a ferocious workout that releases your inner hell-hound.

#3 Shower

Water is an energetic state changer. So just by showering you make your body waking up faster. By feeling the haptic stimulation all over your skin your awareness gets drawn more to the body.
I like cold showers. Like ice-cold. You know, they enhance your bloodflow and stuff. But more importantly, they require a little bit of willpower because it’s discomforting. The pure act of transcending some discomfort will give you a fresh sense of power over yourself.

#4 Be active

Do something. With your bare, dirty hands. I like to clean my apartment in the morning, because it keeps my body busy without thinking. Few know that the living space is also a subconscious representation of our mind, as Feng Shui states. By cleaning your room and rearranging stuff you’re as well cleaning your psyche of obstacles. You’re providing your mental system with a smoother and more directed flow.

#5 Masturbate tantrically

Masturbation? Are you kidding me? Well, no, but I’m talking of a tantric form. Don’t use porn and try to use as less concrete fantasies as possible. Believe me. The damage porn does to your brain is scientifically proven. Also don’t stick to getting an orgasm and neither try to avoid one. Listen to you body and give it what it needs. Stay relaxed, bring your masculine and feminine energy flows into alignment. This will take some practice and I ask you politely to let go of fix fantasies as well as personal restraints. You’re all alone, so experiment boldly. Getting aware of your animus and anima playing and synergizing together will energize you and transfer you into a harmonised state at the same time.

#6 Nourish well

Give your body the food it needs. Even when it’s the dark morning and you’re not used to eat when not even the birds have gotten up. Your body gets used to the times when food is provided so the next days waking up early will go by itself.
Give your stomach lots of fresh stuff and protein. Avoid carbs and sugar as they are likely to make you tired again. I like to make myself a fresh smoothie with fruits and vegetables as well as peanut butter, maca powder and some spices. Yes you got me right, spices. I prefer chili, paprika, ginger, cinnamon, and cocoa. Everything that heatens you up and increases your bloodflow. I put as well some red, yellow or orange freshies into my smothie as it is believed that those colors correlate with the lower three chakras. Activates them even better.
Get your protein. It will increase your testosterone and help you building muscles when you’re lifting. If you’re like me you can go raw carnal style and start with a portion of organic-fed meat and eggs. You can as well stick to plant-based protein sources like beans or saitan as yogis prefere their food as alive as possible.

#7 Coffee??

Nourish first before you empty down your cup of morning coffee. Caffeine induces stress hormones and therefore prevents hunger. Sounds great, especially when you want to lose weight, right? You’re more likely to eat sugary garbage or nothing at all in the morning when you start with coffee. Please listen to me. The same goes for a cup of green tea, which is also known for it’s healthy benefits.
You’ve heard of the mysterious bulletproof coffee, haven’t you? The preparation of coffee with high-quality butter and coconut oil provides some advantages:

• It’s increasing the fat burning rate
• Your body gets provided with fatty acids to fuel your energy
• It’s rich in polyphenols

Stay in reasonable amounts with the caffeine as too much will only make you nervous. And remember honey; First the smell of health, then the smell of coffe.

#8 Boost yourself with primal sound

Nothing activates your primal instincts better than the sound of rhythmic drums and hammering beats. They will remind the body of the heart beat and make him excitedly fighting-ready. Want to get prepared for survival in everyday-life? Listen to the cool tracks of paleowolf that get you instantly in a predatory mood. You will feel like a blood-seeking beast looking for prey.
You can as well check out psytrance or nu metal as long as it blasts you off your feet and makes you aggressive as f*ck.

#9 Meditate

Use this liberated aggressiveness to channel arising thoughts and emotions as your brain is slowly waking up. With your cup of coffee in your hand you take a seat and start meditating with closed eyes. Meditation marks the transition from body-oriented acts to mind-oriented ones. If you’re new to meditation, check out this former navy seal’s work on developing mental strength, providing you with a guide on how to focus on the internal. Designed especially for manly brutes. Watch the stressful bullsh*t in your head fade away and start into your day with a mind ready for everything.

#10 Be grateful

When you shortly name the things you’re grateful for in your life you prevent the rising of negative crap in your mind. You have a warm bed. You have a dry home. Heck, you can even afford a cup of coffee. Gratefulness correlates with activity of the heart chakra which has a higher sense of wholeness than the solar plexus chakra, where most kinds of sorrows (financial, employment, powerlessness etc.) arise from. There’s nothing more fatal to do than expanding thoughts that are cultivated in a depressed and narrowed mood. Stay humble. Stay grateful.

#11 Read your bible and pray everyday?

Believing in a God-given purpose keeps your motor moving like nothing else. By reading the bible just for some minutes a day you remind yourself that there is a purpose your life can align to. Or that there is something higher than you that makes you feel loved and gives you a sense of belonging. Want to get rid of the burdenlike feeling of responsibility over your circumstances weighing on your back? Actively speak out your sorrows and wishes while praying. The mere act of submitting to the love of Jesus will make you feel freed and dismantle prison-like self constructs, I guarantee.

#12 Keep your purpose alive

Whether you’re religious or not, the only thing that keeps you really driving in life is a strong sense of direction. Remind yourself daily on your purpose. Remind yourself why you want to accomplish your mission and why this throne belongs to you. How does it benefit yourself and the people in the world? Write down what you’re passionately driven about and commit to it even before the sun rises. By orienting on your unique purpose your heart chakra gets fueled up with energy, leading you to better decisions in general. You will get a strong sense what your day serves for even before it started.

#13 Motivate yourself

Once you’re aware of which direction your day has to follow it’s time to boost your flow even more. Have a look at motivational blogs like this that induce your subconsciousness with powerful emotions. Picturs of beaches, raw sex and violent soldiers will boost your guts. Read about the laws of life, success and productivity to focus your energy on mastering your life. You probably already have heard of Tony Robbins. Check Athlean-X if a heavy workout is the next thing on your mind. There are tons of material out there designed to get your heart beating faster by unleashing the inner lion.

#14 Write a list

Now take action. But f*ck to-do-lists. Those will pressure you. The purpose of this post is not pressuring you but make you wanting to do stuff. This is for leading a life on your terms and conditions. Instead of narrowing your mind looking at what you think you’re supposed to do write down what you could do today.

• Today I could write a job application
• Today I could start going to the gym
• Today I could inform myself about the stock market

A to-do-list implies that you’re not complete. That your fullfillment and wholeness depends on accomplishing this specific task what creates pressure and fear. By getting aware of what you could do today you change your perspecitve into a bright world of possibilities. You already are complete and you have the opportunity to act and improve out of joyness.

You probably already forgot what I wrote above so I generously recapitulate for you:

• Get up f*ckin early
• Get moving and do household chores
• Get a shower and practice a bit of self-love
• Nourish healthy and stay moderate with caffeine
• Get aggressive with primal sound
• Meditate, practice gratefulness and pray
• Remind yourself of your purpose and have a look at stuff that motivates
• Think about great stuff you could do this day

I practice this whole routine every day. It doesn’t take more than an hour but the confidence it provides me to start my day is worth every minute. Make sure you try at least some points.

If you have other techniques or routines that unleash your primal power let me know so I can try it out and include it in my next book about holistic living. Leave a short comment what worked for you and what I forgot to mention. Love you honeybunnies :-*

Stay primal


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