Get yourself some freedom

How long have you been on the search for something? Most don’t even know what they’re looking for.
By contemplating about my core motivations for whatever I’m doing, I learned that one thing we all strive for is freedom. You know, the feeling when your heart opens and the energy bound inside of you is coming suddenly to life.

How much of us experience this every day?
How much just get up and follow the same mental ordens that tell us „Do this. Do that. Get this sh*t over there done already!“?

Do you wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing? Are you confused why a job or a hobby now doesn’t seem as sparkling and exciting as it did when you started it? Where did the bright future of your youth go? When we’re young our energy is unbound. It flows unhindered through us and we explode of optimism. Everywhere great opportunities. Nothing could dim our positivity. We were free.

Free to do what?

To do what we want of course.

We chose a job so it shall give us financial freedom. We moved out of our parents house to gain freedom over our living space. We seek a mate to get the sexual freedom of exploring deeper feelings.

The soul is always striving for more freedom. But by not acknowledging this a specific job position became our goal. We made it our goal to be the captain of the sports team. We made it our goal to purchase this trendy sports car the advertisement recommended us.

At a certain point in life we began to confound the actual goal of the human soul with outer circumstances. We now hope that outer stuff will make us happy. We confound cause and effect.

And this is what narrows our consciousness. This is what restricts us to our job position. This makes us depressed in the long term, wondering why the heck life doesn’t seem so fulfilling anymore.

Whatever I’m doing these days I ask myself all the time Does this make me feel more free? Freedom is not a matter of facts or circumstances, It’s a matter of feeling.
I decide to pay my bills because it frees me from nagging thoughts. Doing workout makes me free of this tickling energy flooding through my body. I write these words down because they’re stuck in my head and want go get freed. I get rid of them. This gives me freedom.

So instead of a daily to-do-list, ask yourself what you could do today to experience more freedom.

• Today I could clean my apartment, I would feel more in control of my life
• I could look for job applications, I would feel more independent from my current job
• I could draw some paintings, setting my creativity free

Do everything out of a perspective that opens your heart. F*ck habits. F*ck routines. If it narrows your sight, change your perspective or change the habit. As a full grown-ass man I say to go through the world with an open heart is more important than a certain salary or seeking security in daily structures.

On my adventurous journey to freedom I realised unexpectedly how true faith provides us ultimate freedom. For years I abandoned my christian belief, because I felt bound by unspoken rules and laws of the christian community. I felt like it restricted me on my actual mission on earth, to find freedom and truth. Until I discovered that the whole bible is nothing but about this. It’s about freedom of the soul.

The bible is designed for people who want to find the way back home. Returning back home getting welcomed warmly with a sense of belonging feels great isn’t it? The bible’s purpose is for the reader to get freed from everything that ties him to nagging desires and fixations of our daily life. To get rid of the sh*t that stresses us to death and tears away our sense of joy. To get freed from our emotional attachment to the world, a buddhist would say.

Probably every religion is made with the purpose to give people more inner freedom. But as far as I know (I studied social anthropology) they all come with specific rules and laws what you should do and what not. Following rules is not exactly what triggers your sense of freedom isn’t it?
Every believe system except true faith in Christ.

Jesus claims we don’t have to do anything. Don’t pressure yourself into rites and traditions. It requires only one’s inner shift. Accepting the gift of mercy is all he requests from us.
His saying I’m the way refers to the transition, that by trying to implement his principles of living we will automatically experience more Fulfillment. Love and wisdom. But most importantly: Freedom from everything that makes our soul feel stuck in the material life. Ask drug addicts how it feels to be tied to very corporeal, physical stuff.

• What is prayer? Getting free of sorrows and mental burdens.
• What’s the purpose of monogamic rules? To prevent your sexual energy from getting fixated on specific outcomes and creating psychosis.
• Why is salvation difficult for rich people? Because they’re mentally chained to physical stuff.

The person of Christ appeared in human history to free us. From the inevitable realisation of every human mind at some point in life that we will never become happy and that the life experience gets darker and darker with time. For everyone.

The rules found in the bible are guidelines to help you getting free of everything that hinders you on returning back home. Morality in a christian sense doesn’t exist to restrict you from having fun, it’s original purpose is indeed to set free your fun and joy of life by preventing you from committing self-harming acts.

True freedom is not for everyone, as it involves letting go of self-concepts we identify tightly with. But if you’re like me, having a look at the bible might f*cking surprise.

Roam free my friend


2 thoughts on “Get yourself some freedom

  1. Love you perspective on masculinity, I’m a stoic lifestyle blogger talking about how man should rise again, I’d love to work with you in the future, contact me via the social media links at the bottom of any page on my blog. Cheers.


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