Get into flow-mode by addressing your two selfs

You’ve heard about that mysterious flow. Let’s discover how you can heat your engine on and make the day a win. Instantly. Let’s make use of your two identities.

Wait, what? Two identities?

You may have experienced sufficiently the fact that human beings can have opposing needs. For example you work as a undergrad teacher but at the same time a strong urge pulls you to tearing muscles apart in the gym. Often one thing is practiced with focus on the body like sports, crafts or construction working. The other thing your soul strives to use is the mind. For example writing chick lit, learning to code or developing business concepts. Rarely do we find a job that satisfies both of our polar areas of interest so we split them into job and hobby. One becomes a routine, the other serves to recharge.
The activity itself and its use of the mind or the body differs for everyone. Cooking may be regarded as an act of concentration on your hands that involves movement in the kitchen. Or you see it as a creative act of inventing sparkling flavour combos and designing recipes. But in general we can say a balanced life involves activities fueled by the body spirit and others powered by the mind spirit.
Those „main spirits“ are what underlies our concepts of our selfs. They’re linked to our identities. They fuel the steam engine of our core motivations and heat the fire of our dreams as hot as possible. And they’re always somewhat opposingly directed.

So what?

Let’s quickly have a look at the concept of efficiency. You surely have heard about pareto. It claims that in 20% of invested time we achieve 80% of the expected results. To concentrate on those 20% of time is called efficiency.

But listen honey, it goes further.

Obviously if you want to be excellent in a certain activity you have to concentrate very committed on it. Dive into the wave of the underlying spirit to a full extend. You have to identify with the archetypal power to focus all of your being on taking bold action.
But pretty soon you reach the peek of your boost, the 80% that have the greatest impact. To pursue the current activity further would leave you exhausted and be a waste of time.

Instead stop immediately at this point and say f*ck that. I’m doing something else.

Turn around and devote attention to your other identity. The other driving spirit of your soul that’s secretly called by some people „the real me“. Completely abandon the now stalled workflow and do an opposing activity. There again you strive to dive in as deep as possible, going to that 80% mark when you got most out of it. Then again you say f*ck that I’m doing something else. Stay efficient. Stay flowy.

For example: A core identity of mine is an archetypal killer. I’m literally training lethal body abilities with combat fitness, krav maga etc. I identify so intensely with the beast within me that I’m able to push myself to breaking limits. Suddenly comes a point where I reach the peak of efficiency. This is not fatigue or lazyness. Just an inner voice saying you’ve done enough today, I’m proud. That’s the moment of calming down and I often unexpectedly receive inspiration for my other identity as author. I immediately bring it to paper.
This post is also an aftermath of a sweaty morning workout. I live out my writer self as committed as possible. Until I hit the 80% peak again and decide to spontaneously repair my bike. Something that draws my attention entirely away from the previous activity. It won’t take long until inspiration strikes me again.

(Sidenote: My identity as archetypal killer stems from an older, lower part of my subconsciousness, contrary to the writer identity that corellates with activity in the heart chakra section. That’s why I decided to not pursue a warrior carreer like mercenary anymore but instead transforming the liberated energy into a more purposeful activity.)

Change not only between body-focused and mind-concentrated activities but as well between the principles of energy incoming and outgoing. Bodybuilding is energy flowing outwards. Nutrition goes inwards. Writing shiny love letters is mind energy going outwards. Dry math learning is inwardly directed. You understand; the principle of opposites.

The same goes with good sex; one partner dominates, the other is more submissive. Once you hit a temporary peak the roles get changed and the other one takes charge. Until the nex peak is hit and so on. Tantra is based on this principle.
An efficient workflow is like sex between your inner two polarities.

• Polarity of body activity – mind activity
• Polarity of absorbing energy – outflowing energy
• Polarity between an active role – passive role
• Polarity between cold analyzation and childish creativity

And so on.

You got the point. Always change your activities in an opposing manner once you hit the 80% mark. Use the antagonism between your identities, your inner core selfs. This creates the flow within you. Between your animus and anima, between yin and yang, providing your efficiency and fulfillingness at the same time. A more detailed work about this topic is planned but until then you have to stick to my blog posts.

And yes, the corporate job life is not suitable for the human spirit.

Have a bright day :-*


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