How social media is f*cking up your psyche

In the long-term, social media will lead to more and more psychosis. I’m not talking about how we get discontent with our lifes by compare ourselves to others. This is true as well, but no, I want to show you a much more hidden aspect of social media that most of us never have thought about.

Do you know what manipulation is? Advertising is the science of manipulation. Psychologists specialised in the advertising industry frequently use a small hack in our psyche to influence us.

They know that everything we read we subconsciously perceive as our own voice.

Let’s buy sunny honey smoothies

Get irresistible for your crush with EroLing socks

Make yourself feel like it’s holiday again. We all deserve it.

The same goes for social media where we consume a lot of text-content, consisting mainly strong opinions. For example:

Science proofs that men are biologically wired to rape

Why racism is mostly imaginary

5 reasons mumble rappers actually carry immense wisdom

We’re vaguely aware of the logical fact that this is the opinion of another person. But when we’re alone in our room, surfing facebook and stuff there is no real person we have an interaction with right now. We’re literally all alone.

But the substance and emotional vibe of what we’re consuming still resonates somewhere in us. We’re reading that post in our own voice. Maybe we even feel the content emotionally vibrating somewhere in our bodies. But our subconsciousness can’t refer this voice to someone else but ourself.

It’s like a separated part deep in our self is talking to us.

Isn’t that scary?

Some random dude around the globe posts about his opinion on politics and we’re instantly having an inner dialogue because we disagree?

That can lead to serious psychosis. Especially when we’re bored and read hundreds of random blog posts. It’s like our psyche slowly gets splitted up subconsciously. Eventually we lose our sense for reality. Sometime we don’t even know who we actually are in serious cases.

If you’re a bit sensitive about your inner processes you will soon realize that social media will leave you exhausted.

Fact-based news and well-written entertaining stories are okay I think. But don’t touch opinion-blog posts, comment sections or click-bait captions.

I avoid it like hell.

For your daily dose of mental health.

Cheers :-*

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