What is your way to suffering?

„Our struggles determine our successes. So choose your struggles wisely, my friend.”

Mark Manson

Everyone suffers in this world. Everyone has to suffer. This is the cost for being alive. For breathing and walking.

You know some people think they can have it all – happiness, money, sunshine – without the dark places of life. For some period of time I belonged to them too.

Until I realised that this is not how life works.

Life is what happens between two opposites. Birth and death, male and female, yin and yang. The whole is always consisting both parts of the equation. It’s like a balanced scale.

The partner of light is darkness. The partner of happiness is suffering.

Have a look at kids. Mostly they’re pretty balanced. They’re laughing several times a day. They’re crying several times a day. If you’re glorifying your childhood you clearly forgot about all the painful moments.

Are you as well as balanced?

A sip of whisky tastes better after a stressful week of work than after holidays.
Your bed never feels as cozy as when you’re returning from a brutal 6-hour night march.
You never enjoy a hot shower more as when you just came out of a winter storm.

Seen? The pleasant things in life correlate linearly with our capacity to endure suffering.

Most people are seeking happiness and want to blind out the uncomfortable sh*t. But this brings the scale of life out of balance, providing them as a result with more pain, struggles and stress. Don’t belong to them.

And of the people who understand this principle most just sit around and wait for life’s fist to hit. But this is too passive. This leads to apathy. This leads to sayings like „life has always been a struggle. Deus lo vult. Can’t do nothing against the daily sh*t“ *shrugs shoulder*.

Don’t belong to those people neither.

What if I told you you can move the scale of life to your advantage?

But for that you have to sacrifice something.
If you want the scale to go up on the happiness side you have to put weight into the suffering side first. The more you put in there the more you get out of it. Simple math.

How successful you can be is measured by how much struggle you can take, as Mark Manson would say.

Do something that makes you uncomfortable. Do something painful and see how far you can go. Work strenuously. Sweat. Suffer. Whatever it is, go against it with full willpower.

„Unadorned suffering is the bedmate of masculine growth.“

David Deida, The Way of the Superior Man

Nothing. In this world. Will make you feel more masculine than actively seeking pain.

Open yourself up to the suffering. Embrace it. Feel it in every cell of your body and let it burn you. Done right it feels like dying.

This is the cornerstone of masculinity.

Samurai were always ready to die

Samurai spent all their life training for the moments of fear and death, only to run against them screaming like madmen when the time has come.

Be a Samurai.

One fantastic grace is offered by life to those who are willing to seek the pain:
You can choose how you want to suffer.

Some choose to take the stress and lots of working hours in the corporate business.
Some choose to take bodily pain and fear of death and become soldiers.
Some choose to swallow uncertainty and fear of the unknown and become adventurers.

How do you want to suffer? Choose wisely my friend.

Combat Fitness, designed to break your limits

I for myself decided to embrace bodily pain everyday. I go running at 5 in the morning and shower ice-cold. With my heavy workouts I try to get myself crying. I eat vegetable stuff that I don’t like. I push myself everyday special-forces style. This is why my blog is called Way of the Predator.

This is what fuels me with life.

What are you willing to sacrifice?


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