Integral Masculine 2/8 – The Archaic Man

Hi my friend, nice to see you again.

Men can be animals, they say. Only thinking about sex all the time. What a cliché. Nevertheless, it has some truth in it.

For developing a complete manhood and to understand what drives us at the core let us start at the very beginning of masculinity. We begin with biological and behavioral patterns that developed in an evolution-like process. Even in modern people’s minds those patterns form subconscious layers deeply hidden in our psyche which drive plenty of instincts and behaviours we can’t deny.

Grunting. Food-grabbing. Sex.

Such primal programs in our mind are paleolithicly old and we’re often unaware their hidden working. As a man, you must know how your inner mechanics function and how to deal with the desires of your subconsciousness.

Did you ever get angry when some primitive muscle dude bumps into you and doesn’t excuse? Well, your deeply buried archaic self-image feels inferior to that neanderthaler. Fix that.

Do you get furious when a rude guy with strong body smell hits on your flirt-target? Watching him taking her home within half an hour surely leaves you frustrated. If this makes you feeling helpless you’re lacking some of the very basics of a full developed masculinity. Of course, true masculinity involves more than primitive behaviour. A lot more.

But the archaic layer in your subconsciousness is like the cornerstone of a solid foundation. Understand that. Embrace it. Develop it in a healthy way and let your life be filled with masculine power.

Okay let’s head on to how this works.

As in the introduction mentioned humanity underwent several development waves, each leaving it’s patterns in our brains. Each wave (or stage) expanded the horizon of human consciousness by including and evolving the former stages. New worldviews and sets of values got developed, as spiral dynamics claims.

Let’s head to the very beginning of humanity, about 100’000 years ago. Let’s explore which patterns of masculinity got formed there. For that we start with a lesson of biology.

What’s the biological purpose of masculinity?

Conquer and win

• Procreation
• Genetic mix
• Spiritual aspect: Awareness of life forces

Biologically seen the purpose of life is to procreate. Most living beings procreate asexually, making the process of conquering the world unfunny but fast and fool-proof. Most mammals choose a sexual way. The splitting into male and female is more complicated but provides an advantage: The diversification of the genetic pool. An offspring who mates with a member of the same species but different genetics provides further descendants with more resistance in the process of evolutionary selection.

So obviously the journey of masculinity starts with the purpose of procreation, the continuation of the own species. This is reached by differentiation of male and female gene sets. You know, women have 2 X-chromosomes, men an X- and a Y-chromosome with male-specific information on the latter.

There we already meet the main principle of masculinity, the distinction from the feminine.

This distinction is also important in eastern philosophies where the masculine polarity, the „Yang“ and the feminine, the „Yin“, are perceived as the co-creators of life. This is the foundation of Tantra, which addresses the separation and re-merging of the polarities in a very conscious act of sexuality. But more of that another time. Right now, in the archaic stage, we find no awareness of inner spirituality.

What’s egocentric identification?

There exists nothing outside of you (source)

• Identification with the body
• Center of the world

In fact here we’re identifying with our body.

The primal human of the archaic aeon doesn’t separate the world into „I“ and „you“, there’s only one single big „I“. He is the world. He is his feelings, his impulses. He lives gut instinct-led. His only concern is surviving and passing his genes.

Egocentrism is here not to be understood negatively. Babies get born into an egocentric stage. They are identified with their impulses, their sensations. They are the world. Every human being passes through the archaic stage as an infant.

But as an adult picture yourself literally starving of hunger. Or shivering of cold in a freezy Blizzard. You don’t think about Trump or the Kardashians anymore but you would kill for a hot meal. Your desires and needs completely fill out your mind. This is what undivided egocentrism feels like. This is how the archaic caveman feels all the time.

What’s archaic sexuality like?

• Partner choosing genetically steered (smell, hormones, availability)
• Primitive act of copulation
• Satisfaction as fast as possible
• Spreading semen as widely as possible

A man in this stage identifies with his urge for copulation besides his sense of survival.

Sex partners get chosen based on simple biological parameters. The smell tells you a lot about hormones and the cycle of a female. Even today women who are currently ovulating appear more attractive than women who are on their period. Why wasting semen if the female’s body isn’t receptive? Archaic logic is pragmatic.

The smell also carries information about an individual’s health. Ever wondered why partners of a different race or origin often appear more attractive? It’s because their sets of genes provide complementary antibodies for their immune systems. A potential offspring would therefore be more resistant against diseases. This is also carried by smell molecules.

The sex itself you can picture as a primitive act of copulation. When females are rarely to be found and competitors are around the corner sex is probably all about inserting semen asap. The archaic layer of the male brain drives us to seek satisfaction as fast as possible. We know that.

Archaicly spoken human sexuality seems to be somehow polygamous. Men are conditioned to spread their genes as widely as possible and hurry up to impregnate as much women as they can. A lot of today’s infidelity issues in relationships stem from archaic impulses in our brain who act autonomously. Since stone age is over this shouldn’t excuse infidelity but make you aware of what can happen if you ignore urges of subconscious layers.

Also look at the countless cases of abuse in churches. All committed by men who denied their sexual urges for the sake of living in celibacy. Denying of subconscious impulses is never a good thing. Healthy integration is. This is what this series is about.

How to survive in an archaic world?

Could you survive out there?

• Roam around
• Control territory
• Saving of energy
• Target-oriented
• Narrowed focus
• Aggressive approach

Now if you want to distribute your semen generously, you have to roam the territory. This is simple math; the more you’re moving around the more likely you are to bump into some females. Cavemen probably didn’t know about math equations but the instincts are there nevertheless. But strolling around in the wild can be dangerous. Enemies and predators may wait for you behind every corner.

Males have therefore developed an unconscious need to get the environment under control. Ever saw a group of young men on a Saturday night? They’re checking every corner, always looking for a provocative sight or an available woman.
A lot of animals mark their territory by pissing on trees. Men like to do the same. Or did you ever wonder why men prefer to pee standing?

As an archaic man when you feel safe and your stomach is full you get lazy. You want to save energy and as we know testosterone and muscle mass get produced mainly while sleeping. Frustrated wifes know this when a man does nothing else after work but hangin’ in the couch watching football with a beer in his hand. This refers to the archaic pattern of recharging a man’s testosterone level.

Statistically, men think more goal-oriented and less empathetic. The primitive brain needed to calculate the evacuation route of the prey and to blind out feelings of pain and exhaustion during the chase. Neither do you have space for feelings of mercy or regret if you want to survive in the wild.

More often than females the men were confronted with violent clashes. For hunting and fighting you need to develop a very narrowed focus. The whole world divides into black and white, either you are friend or foe. In the archaic age you had to decide this pretty quickly. Men evolved the strict yes or no approach to everything which builds the base of the later developed logical thinking.

And you always have to be ready for a fight. The guy who sets the first strike usually wins, and as practising martial artist for a lot of years I tell you this is still valid today. Archaic men developed aggressiveness. In Latin aggredi, to approximate, to attack. If you hit first, you win. If you’re the first grabbing the food you get it. If you’re the fastest hitting on a chick you may carry her into your cave. Men must be forward going to survive and fulfil their purpose.

To survive in the wild, males are equipped with stronger muscle mass than women. You know, fighting cave bears and stuff. Also more body hair. It serves as protection, heat reservoir and smell distributor at the same time. Your testosterone-loaded odour must be dispensed my dear.

Where do we find remains of archaic patterns?

On hot summer days I’d prefer this appearance

• Movement & Workouts
• Drunk behaviour
• Impulsive need satisfaction
• Fight for survival in precarious situations

Let’s have a look at where we can stumble upon archaic patterns in our every-day life.

The need to get the body moving and the current fitness-health trend stems partly from the archaic layer. To feel the body, the strength, to feel life running through your veins. Go to the gym and hear the bros grunting and groaning like paleolithic monsters. In the corporate office life nowadays a lot of people lack movement and lose connection to their subconscious survival-patterns. Don’t let that happen.

Watch drunk guys and you will recognize a heck of a lot behaviour coming to the surface stemming from archaic needs. They’re easily made aggressive. They shamelessly hit on every available looking girl and end up at Burger King filling their tummies. It seems like alcohol removes some layers in our psyche and the underlying primal animal comes to daylight. This is why men like to drink. This way we can without effort reconnect with our archaic self and temporary feel masculine again.

Maybe you know people who are very impulsive. Who see a bowl of peanut flips and instantly dive their hand into it. Or who notoriously start flirting with every woman they spot. The immediate hitting on every object of desire and acting without thinking is an archaicly programmed trait.

Whenever people experience precarious situations such as war, droughts or other emergency situations they can quickly regress into this stage. Pictures come into my mind of starving Africans who mob a red cross convoy loaded with foods. Or imagine an emergency evacuation of a football stadium after a terror attack. People will run for their life, mercilessly trampling each other to death. This is the fear of death, the remorseless run for pure survival.

Why develop this stage?

• Lacks can induce fear
• You get able to deal with drop backs
• To refer to sexual preferences in women

The archaic layer is a very basic one in your psyche. Like the basement of a house. If there occur gaps and holes subliminal fears will slowly sneak into your mind. For instance if you’re not familiar with the wilderness and don’t know how to start a fire you are unconsciously scared of catastrophic events. You just wouldn’t know how to survive. Ask a Navy Seal who had years of survival training. He may have other fears but not this one for sure.

Furthermore, such events can happen to you. Heck they happen every day all around the world; civil wars, droughts, earthquakes, forest fires, floods can throw you into the archaic stage quickly. There is always someone struggling with surviving right now in this world. Always.

Especially for you as a man, the development of the archaic stage is essential. You know why? Think of the mating game.

While women aren’t seeking the primal caveman anymore, they don’t want the ungrounded intellectual who can’t open a jar of jelly neither. A minimal amount of aggressiveness, body-awareness and sex drive is just required by today’s women. Swallow that.

Even if you’ve settled down, without the basics of sexual aggressiveness and a bit of archaic hunter spirit you will always subconsciously fear a break-up. You wouldn’t be able to handle such a case. And you always attract what you fear…

Instead don’t be scared of you inner animal. Get to know it. Cultivate it. Let it become a fully integrated part of your masculinity.
Get to know your roots.

Enough for today.

Let’s quickly summarize archaic masculine traits for keeping them better in your head.

The Archaic Man:

• Has the purpose of procreation
• Is distinguished from women
• Is biologically designed to hunt and survive
• Identifies with his body and sex-drive
• Has an egocentric sight of consciousness
• Is aggressive and forward-going

In the next part we’ll cover the men’s role in hunter and gatherer societies.



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