Be selective.

Be selective.

In the content you consume.

In the women you choose.

In the stuff you nourish your body with.

Be as selective as a high value man would be.

We not only have to be selective where to spend our time and money. As men who are used to focus our time and energy on the things we want we often forgot that it’s exactly as important to be aware of what we let in. What we consume fills us with its energy.

Breakfast. The news. Women we look at. Friends we hang out with. Blog posts. Music. Opinions.

What draws your attention without you really wanting it?

How do you recharge?

Choose wisely my friend.

The things you consume eventually become you.

We live in a world full of goddamn advertisings and people loudly spreading their bullsh*t opinions around. Everything psychologically designed to catch our attention and drain our energy.

Close yourself up.

Be hyper-aware of what you actually let inside you and be hyper-selective. You’re owing that to your sanity.

Only read news from platforms who provide neutral and well-informed facts.

When entering the club ignore the crowd. Ignore all the cleavages and tight pants designed to make you horny as hell. Let them work hard to gain your attention.

Don’t listen to everything someone tells you. If it sounds like bullsh*t or you don’t want to hear it tell him straight away „What a crap. I don’t want to hear that.“ No mercy.

You have the right to close your ears.

Ignore the garbage people are talking around you. Put some earphones in.

Don’t listen to the popular radio stuff, it’s mostly crap. Only listen to music that truly excites and energizes you.

Don’t read every social media post in your feed. I would recommend not reading facebook-posts at all but at least pass all the posts that don’t really excite you at first glance.

Decide on which platform to read before you open the browser or app. Select your favourite blogs by high quality content. If you do not learn something important from every post leave the blog.

If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.

Only take women home who really are worth it. Be moderate with drinking alcohol or don’t do it at all to keep your senses sharp. This means you will often go home alone but knowing that only the best are good enough for you keeps up the pride.

Be selective in what you eat. Your body deserves a good health so choose only the best organic nutrition and never touch junk food again. If you’re offered cake by your grandma that’s pumped with sugar do not touch it. It’s better to be misunderstood by people than to betray your body.

Be selective what you wear. Never let you buy stuff by your girlfriend. Reject clothings as christmas present and throw away everything you you cannot regard as your favourite pieces.

Be selective with what you watch. Never touch click-bait videos. Sell your tv, it’s pumped with ads. Let yourself be entertained only by excellent and inspiring movies.

Whatever you consume. Whatever you do. Be picky as f*ck.



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