Do you want to contribute some stuff to the world that is healing your soul instead of damaging?

There are exactly 2 principles in life that are able to maintain a sane psyche.

It’s letting go of fixations. And accepting defeats.

All the problems in the world are created by people who have their wars inside. Everyone has holes in his psyche. But some learn to heal them. Others just make it worse.

There are exactly 2 psychic patterns that cause mental instabilities at the core root. It’s the fixation on a certain outcome. And the defeat of circumstances or future events.

Everytime we think about something unpleasant we want to avoid we create defeat. You don’t want to get fired. You don’t want your girlfriend to break up with you. You don’t want to die.

Do these thoughts sparkle some slightly nagging fear? It might happen to you, sweety.

You want to run away from this possibility. You try to avoid it to all costs. Imagine a knot pulled at the wrong string making it just tighter and tighter.


Fixations are the opposite. You think that only getting a specific outcome will make you happy and you project all your hope and willpower in it. The farer away this goal moves away from you the more desperate you get.

I want to be popular. I want to attract women, I must gain muscles. In 5 years our corporation must increase profit about 20%.

Hell, modern world is full of fixations.

They destroy you.

Together with defeats they seriously damage your psyche.

You have to learn to let go.

If you truly want to reach a certain goal you don’t have to concentrate on them like a mad-man. You have to let go of everything else.

Seen the difference?

I can’t highlight it enough.

If you have something truly desirable in mind you will focus automaticly on it. Nothing to worry about. But what’s actually hindering you on getting it?

You get distracted by unuseful habits. You’re sticking to routines and beliefs that don’t serve your new goal anymore. They’re screaming for attention because they are fixations.

It’s like you have to remove the clouds to see the sun.

Letting go of fixations is more key to reaching a goal than concentrating on it.

Are there things in life you don’t want to experience?

Nobody wants to get robbed or burned alive in a car accident. But as soon the thought comes into mind that it might happen some day, you try to push this picture away.

Because you know you attract everything your mind focuses on. The law of attraction.

You try to get rid of this thought.

This makes it worse. This only keeps the defeated thought longer in mind fueling it to grow bigger and bigger. Anxiety gets born.

You have to learn to warmly welcome whatever there may come. As gruesome the possibilities may be.

As soon as unpleasant circumstances and feared thoughts are wholeheartedly loved and accepted they are no longer of service. They dissolve. This frees your mind and you feel allright.

Let go fixations. Accept defeats.

Everything I write will be underlied by at least one of those principles.
They build the very core of our soul.

Let’s learn how to loosen the knots.


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