Integral Masculine 4/8 – The Violent Man

Your eyes look above to the black flag.
You left your family a long time ago as youngster, found a new one in the recklessly plundering gang of Captain Hunt, called Bloodhound.

You had to prove yourself. At the beginning you were given the lowest chores and everyone was mocking the 13-year old you were. But since you stabbed an eye out of Scarecrow’s face as he tried to rape you, you gained their respect.

Now, after seven years of capturing ships and burning strongholds you’re proud wearer of the silver dagger, given to only the boldest and most courageous of men. Several times you’ve been the first entering a ship, jumping like a mad-man into hordes of enemies.

No mercy. There’s only life or death. The world divides into black and white when you’re drawing your sabre. The men you will kill and the women will promise fun. Go and get what’s yours. Only the strong survive anyway.

You’ve never felt this ferocious before. You’re horny as hell and just want to f*ck someone. But don’t you dare thinking about the Captain’s slaves. This goes against the crew’s hierarchy.

But looking at his growing age and his concubines’ round asses, thoughts arise that maybe it’s time for a change of the chief’s positon…

Welcome to the red world

Are you an impulsive man? Do you follow your gut’s spontaneous desires?

Maybe you had a wild youth. Using foul language and smashing stuff to gain the girls’ attention.

According to psychology humans begin to develop the „impulsive self“ around 3 – 6 years old. This consciousness of egocentricity and self-power arose in broader humanity about 10’000 years ago, as spiral dynamics claims. It arose first in individuals who left the safe structures of the tribe in search for a life to their terms and conditions. They did what they wanted.

This was exceptional.

For the first time in human history, people set their individual desires above cultural traditions, bringing personal feelings more into focus. Integralists would say the consciousness expanded from the inner collective quadrant (DL) to the inner individual one (UL).

This shaped societal structures and masculine concepts enormously.

How does the violent world look like?

Where people begin to prioritize their personal feelings and desires more, social dynamics become unpredictable. It gets common that people take what they need. In the now growing cities where people and wealth accumulate one had to be aware of increasing robberies or worse.

The rising powerconsciousness of stronger and weaker in the heads of people shows also on a collective level. As clans begin to expand and conquer the world, clashes on cultural levels happen frequently. Tribes that are fighting for fertile soil. Conquerors like Genghis Khan and Alex’ the Great rule the world on their hunt for land, slaves and treasures.

This is what this stage is about. Power.

As manhood’s orientation on ancestor’s traditions crumbles, the elder’s wisdom and tales get replaced by myths of heroes and villains. Mighty and powerful gods take the place of idols. Mars. Odin. Sun and blood gods of Mesoamerican Aztecs.

We call it the mythological or “red” stage.

It contains characteristics like strength, impulsivity, respect and might.

There we find strong roots of masculinity.

Tell me about the egocentric man

Imagine you’re a stranger in an unknown country. People everywhere, but they are so different. They look differently, they speak differently, heck they even think differently.

As a stranger you are the minority. There is a clear distinction between „I“ and „they“.

In the former animistic stage, you regarded everything as part of yourself. But the rising awareness of your individual feelings lets you realise that you’re something separated from the rest of the world.

There is me. And there is the world.

You probably began to develop this stage as a toddler when you realized that you can take influence on your world by crying.

You discovered your power. Over the matter. Over people.

Whenever a human being becomes aware that the source of power is inside him, he regards himself as the centre of the universe. He is the universe. This is basically the same principle as in the archaic stage, but this time the individual gets conscious about.

Now he can steer his energy. He can focus his willpower on something like a torch.

He must test out how far he can go.

And his leading question is „What do I want now?

What do you want now?
A coca-cola?
Beating your co-worker down?

As your own desires are the only thing you can actually feel your impulsive urges now become the fix point of your life. There’s absolutely no reason not to lay your willpower on your personal cravings.

For men this naturally means „My Balls First!“.

As we’ve seen in the archaic stage, sexuality is the underlying driving force for men, without it the mere male existence became obsolete.

Whereas in the animistic stage the sex drive was put in service of the bloodline, it now becomes the central axis. Sexual urges are very, very strong feelings and coupled with a sense of you can take whatever you want they easily become the only thing men care about.

A man wants sex. And now he does whatever he needs to do.

What about red sexuality?

The red man identifies with his balls. He defines himself by his ability to penetrate and to get the sex he wants, therefore, potency becomes synonym with manliness. His symbol is the erected phallus. Heck, look at the countless dick-graffities found in ancient Rome’s ruins. The masculine potency got worshipped almost like a god itself.

But whereas earlier traditional rules regulated the mating process, dating becomes now a wild-west game. Men compare themselves by potency and aggressiveness. Gaining the favour of a woman is less decided by her judgement and more by overtop competitors.

Whether you’re stronger or weaker than your opponent decides who gets the chick. This is a rule of red masculinity: The superior has the right to procreate.

Of course strong love feelings existed as well, the focus on personal emotions is indeed what this stage is about. But „love“ in a masculine sense means sexual attraction to a female and the desire to conquer, possess and protect her. You want to make her yours. This isn’t a bad thing since a violent world bears the need in women for a leading and protecting man. To benefit from this a woman first has to get under masculine control.

Sex is primarily ruled by terms of domination and submission. As a man you incorporate the penetrating force whereas the other part gets forced by you into the passively receiving role. This principle can also be applied to homosexual acts with slaves. The submitted part in this conquering act gets emotionally attached to the more dominant one which establishes his power position. As a man you want to be in control of sexuality.

„Everything is about sex, except Sex. Sex is about power.“

Oscar Wilde

Sex is a tool for cementing power structures.

Think of women who seduce men until they fulfil all their favours. Or the term „to put her in her place“ used by dominant men. To show yourself publicly being adored by several women still surrounds you with a raunchy mighty radiation. Think of gangsta rappers who put their hands on a dozen women’s asses in their video clips. Together with guns ‘n’ money – pure power.

This wasn’t different in ancient Rome. Most emperors had lots of wifes and concubines and male as well as female slaves were sexually abused frequently. They were literally put in their places.

Just demonstrate your control of hot women and you show the crowd that you’re the biggest cock in town. Make them aware of their inferiority.

Masculine power hierarchies

Whenever men clash together, the subconscious programs of the red stage wants to have the question answered: Who is the stronger one?

Several attributes get compared in quick seconds: Posture, smell, gaze, voice, but also income and social status in regard of power potential. They determine one’s rank inside the group.

Now you either take the lead, or you automatically try to adapt to the alpha male. This term refers to the leading individual of a wolf pack. There’s the alpha and there’s the rest.

If the alpha is currently absent the second mightful takes command, called beta. If he also isn’t around the corner the next on the ladder is in charge and so on.

This way a power hierarchy establishes automatically in groups of men, if they’re aware about or not.

The principle of central commanding power is the base of every military in the world. Why? Because it enables the group to decide quickly in the face of danger. Imagine an ambushed squad of Marines democratically voting about which way to go…

The omega wolf gets an interesting role; he’s the last one. His purpose is to absorb the aggressions of everyone above.

You find this principle in human history, where most victims of violence were men. Think of millions of fallen soldiers and abused labour slaves. Victim consciousness established as well as part of the violent equation as ruler consciousness and is deeply buried in the male psyche. Your submissive role is something to accept self-evidently since you divide the world as well into superior and inferior.

Unnecessary violence and aggressivity are obvious pathologies of this stage. An individual shows an overcompensation of violence as adult when he hasn’t sufficiently gained awareness of his strength in his youth.

This can cause cycles of violence, where victims of abuse and brutality go on a hunt for revenge and retribution, subconsciously driven by the need to fill this gap in their psychogram.

Becoming too passive and apathetic can be the other shadow sides of an incomplete red layer. A too tightly cemented victim consciousness can deprive one of his willpower and he will attract victim roles all his life. Don’t let that happen.

What are other forms of masculinity?

Since this chapter is called The violent man we’ll explore other manifestations of masculinity but this time in the opposite direction.

The pain principle.

At the spiritual level a man wants to die. To die and get reborn is a masculine core principle we already met in the animistic stage. Biologically a man seeks an orgasm in the vulva of a woman – a small moment of dying as it is prescribed in the French term „petit mort“ – little death.

But even when no female is around, he’s drawn to activities that make him sweat and suffer. To endure and withstand pain is a small-scale process of dying leaving the man with a refreshed sense of newly gained power.

The neolithic revolution made strenuous body work necessary anyway. At this time, manly professions established.

The agricultural life of settled humans required remarkable body strength. Plowing. Wood chopping. Digging out potatoes. Most men lived a strenuous life as farmers enduring all kinds of weather, leaving them with the pride of living autarkic by the own body power.

Also look at blacksmiths, carpenters and other craftsmen bathing daily in sweat. It just feels manly to use one’s hands and muscles, putting effort into work and testing the body’s boundaries.

And of course professional soldiers. To die on the battlefield was the most sought event in the life of Vikings and Spartans. To prove who is the strongest. To train the body in endurance, speed and strength is a masculine warrior approach since thousands of years.

Body power is the resource of mythological men. Something that women just aren’t capable of to this extent and divides them from men.

The other resource is money. As bartering between tribe members declines and inter-cultural trading gains importance, currencies like gold and silver get desired.

Money allows you now to simply buy women and satisfy your sexual needs. With money you could hire mercenaries, so money power begins to equal physical power.

Think of all the pirate stories and their hunt for golden treasures. Gangs in the wild west raiding trains and cash transports. Men are willing to take huge risks to enrichen themselves.

Where are underlying patterns found today?

In talking about risks, it’s notable how today a lot of men are drawn to risky activities that put them on the edge of life and death. Think of freeclimbers, basejumpers and street racers. Here we find it again, the confrontation with the danger of dying.

To stare into deaths’ face gives you a massive boost of testosterone which is, as we all know, indispensable for a manly sex drive.

Watch MMA or boxing fights. To be in the octagon yourself you need to push your ferocious aggressiveness to the max. But also as mere spectator your blood begins to boil when you feel that fierceness resonating within you.

Why do soldiers, security guards and policemen look so attractive for women? Authority is shown on the surface but underneath they radiate pure violence-potential. Ever seen Israeli police officers? Being prepared for terror 24/7 they’re ready to break your neck in seconds with their Krav Maga. A woman senses this underlying impulsive power.

Let’s turn to modern dating game. The patterns of domination and submission are so present in our psyche that power still is the number one wet-maker. As a man who orders his peers around and doesn’t hesitate grabbing the expensive champagne you attract more female gazes than anyone else.

While a lot of women value deeper character traits for a relationship, sex is for most men still power-ruled. Mating with a dominant woman would violate the masculine self-image of the red layer, causing unattractive lacks in the sub psyche.

Some latin cultures have mastered the art of flirting, but beneath the surface of sweet words and negs waters get tested out. Flirting serves subconsciously to test the others’ strength, stretching his boundaries and trying to make him lose control.

You see my friend, beneath societies civilised surface there are mountains of violent structures that rule our life.


For now we’ll quickly summarize mythological masculinity here. The red man:

• Puts personal feelings and desires first
• Acts impulsively and decides quickly
• Takes risks
• Identifies with potency
• Is on the hunt for power and sex
• Divides the world into stronger and weaker
• Dies and gets reborn
• Values body strength
• Seeks strenuous professions
• Is ready for violence

In the next article we’ll explore how the wild impulsivity gets steered into a higher order for building societies and the conventional man-roles arising there. Welcome to the blue world.

Hasta la vista, Amigo




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