Keep your eyes.

This is for high value men.

Are you sick and tired of walking through the streets, your attention getting catched by a ton of women’s hot asses just for you to go home feeling frustrated but horny?

Keep your eyes on yourself.

High value men know that optical stimulations rob their energy.

How’s that?

Now look. Imagine you’re strolling at the beach on a hot summer day. There are tons of female tits to see, tight bikinis and sun cream shiny legs. You can’t decide where to look, right?

Don’t forget that this is an absorbing act.

The well trained round butts draw your attention on it.

It’s a passive act.

It’s stimulating you but not literally your cock but only your mind.

It’s a mental act.

Those who follow my posts about masculinity know that these traits are the opposites of the masculine principles of giving, activity and corporeality.

Your masculine body was designed in the first place to act boldly and do stuff. Not absorbing stimulations with your mind. If those principles are not balanced out you develop an unharmonized psyche.

You know that the woman whose ass is making your dick hard is actually penetrating you?

She’s penetrating you mentally. She puts pictures in your head. Desires.

Those urges scream subconsciously to get satisfied.

Imagine being in a relationship with a steamy sexy girlfriend who’s always making you hot but you never dare to put your dick in her. This will create a serious dysbalance in your relationship. A power dysbalance.

You know, when you lay your eyes upon a person you’re already kinda in a relationship, small-scale spoken. The mere act of looking is building a connection. But if you only look without moving your guts towards her you will become the inferior part of this little relationship. It’s like a proof that you don’t have the slightest courage to go for your desires.

You need to penetrate her as well.

The single only moment, when a woman penetrates a man mentally and a man penetrates her corporeally is in the act of sex. Both are giving and receiving at the same time, mental and body level perfectly balanced out. This is why sex feels so good.

Imagine being an archaic primate. The instant sexual attraction you feel when spotting a hot female is there to push you immediately for copulation. If you hesitate, your dick will get limp again and a concurrent is going for the win. This will leave you unsatisfied and frustrated to the bone.

This is what you feel subconsciously when you don’t immediately mount your object of desire.

You will leave the field needy and horny. Think of how it feels going home alone after a night club evening. Heck, with time you may even develop inferiority complexes which will make you incapable of even approaching women.

Remember all the horny, desperate and uncalibrated men at 4 in the morning in a night club.

You see how optical stimulation is making you weak?

Your attention is your most valuable resource. Never forget that.

Muslims solved this problem by simply covering their women. When women can’t penetrate men mentally the men keep their power. Heck they’re even banning porn and sexy ads to protect men from themselves.

Since we live in a sex-sells society where some women try to outcompete their peers with the number of sex partners, we have to choose a different strategy.

We have to learn to keep our eyes by ourselves.

When entering a club, a high value man isn’t checking out every chicks’ butt curves. He’s damn selective.

You can do the same.

Don’t look on purpose at women, only the best of them will manage to draw your attention anyway.

Stay mostly in a slightly unfocused gaze. Watch the environment out of your eyes’ corners.

Keep your attention on your balls. This is the central point of sexual power in your life. Not the women’s cleavage.

Don’t look on purpose at porn, sexy ads or hot women’s pictures. Only boys do that.

Important: Do not enforce looking away. Old habits need some time to re-adjust. Just allow your head to turn into another direction. Remind yourself like an old friend to close the porn-tab. Just decide easily to look at something else than the co-workers’ titties.

Just decide „I do not want to see that. I want to focus on getting sh*t done. I have no energy for that.

Especially when you’re out in the night looking for a hook-up. „I’m not here to get aroused. F*ck that. I’m here to take action. Do I just want to stare desperately or do I want to have sex tonight?

Then proceed to take action. A lion doesn’t stare. A lion hunts.

Good luck.



2 thoughts on “Keep your eyes.

  1. Good one Ralph, will try and keep you posted 😉 You can also choose not to focus on sex, and relax and have fun – refocusing your mental attraction from women’s bodies to your own body. Sex will happen when it has to.


    1. “Sex will happen when it has to.” – This is like an advanced approach in our sex-sells society but yes, you’re right. 😉


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