I love looking at the trees’ dark silhouettes against a sunrise or a sunset.

I love the calmness and peace they radiate.

They just are.

Today when I took a glimpse at the forest silhouette against the pink turning clouds of the dark morning sky I thought to myself:

Why can’t we just be?

Look at the trees. Look at the clouds.

They’re not running around, defeating circumstances or fixate on specific outcomes.

They just are.

Then I turned my head and looked down to the busy roads, lines of moving lights like hurrying ant colonns in the dark. Sometimes in between distant flickering red and blue lights. Switzerland is the land of coffee addicts.

Why can’t we just be?

I’m not talking about sitting around doing nothing all day long.

Not at all.

Being contains always 2 aspects.

The aspect of the body. It’s feelings, it’s drive for movement and doing something.

And the aspect of the mind. The mind is meant to be open. Open to grab sudden inputs and inspirations.

Just being doesn’t mean meditating in a corner all day like monks do and bath in the sphere of mere existence.

Neither does it mean to stroll around the woods and be driven by your body instincts like animals.

It means to integrate both of your 2 polarities.

Move your body. Craft something, occupy your fingers. Feel your body and his impulses for being vividly active.

And open up your mind, open your heart. Address her need for being receiving and embracing whatever there is to be found. Despite common conceptions the mind isn’t there to think. She’s meant to be receiving and open as possible for inspirations and ideas, which the body strives to realize with his bare hands. Let them work together.

Feel your body to the deepest.

And open up your mind to the highest.

Just be.

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