Integral Masculine 6/8 – The Achiever Man

The forming of modern masculinity and how it’s characteristics are driving todays’ men. Achievements, goal-pursuing and outer performance come into focus.

What is a real man?

What do women want from men?

What does society expect of you as a man?

Ever dealt with such bugging questions in your back head?

Alright my friend.
After covering the first 100’000 years of manly history in the Integral Masculine series, we now arrive in the present. The archaic and the intuitive man we already covered as well as violent and conventional masculinity. We now explore what characterizes the modern man.

You’re quite familiar with him. It’s the dominant model of a man in western society.

Do you know how he differs from earlier stages? Can you picture the relation to the sexual dynamic and society building? Are you even aware of its pathologies?

We look at the radical shift of inner mindsets and where typical manliness traits stem from. In this age, rockstars are born, it’s the time of explorers and entrepreneurs.




As well with other layers in your subconsciousness, I want you to have this one healthily developed. It’s necessary for today’s everyday survival.

Let’s get it started.

How does it feel being an Achiever Man?

Successful men often like to brag around.
Personal success feels damn good

In response to the self-denying mindset of the conventional stage, modern man brings the personal identity back into the spotlight.

It’s the self-centered „I“ again from the red stage, but this time out of a perspective from outside. In the Integral Theory, we would talk about the upper right quadrant.

The egocentric self says, „I’m different than you.“.
The modern/orange layer says, „I’m how others perceive me.“.

With your mirror reflexion as defining part of your identity, your outer appearance, behaviour and status become the traits of importance.

As human development accelerates exponentially, youngsters today begin to establish this layer between the age of 9 – 14 years. Called the formal-operational thinking in development psychology.

Use logic and pragmatism to change your circumstances and your self-image.

Why does the self-image and expanding beyond blue conventions now become so important?

Because of sex. What did you expect?

I claim that the hunt for sex is the core drive for masculine power to do anything at all. But since the red age is over and impulsive carrying-women-into-cave gets socially shamed, men have to act inside societal structures and use legal methods to get what they want.

Learn how the world functions and use it to your advantage.

This thinking arose approximately 300 years ago, according to spiral dynamics.

Progress and efficiency - industrializations' keywords.
Expansive mindset + hard work = massive results


The beginning age of enlightenment massively changed the current paradigm of how the world was perceived. Natural science and math formulas challenged the belief in an omnipotent god.

Instead, man declared the term of „objectivity“ and reclaimed his sense of self-power.

He wants to be the boss of his life again. He wants to be in control of his destiny. And this goes far beyond what the conventional worldview has taught him, which now feels like a mental prison.

Expanding and growing stands at the very core of orange mindsets. Man wants to overcome establishments and be progressive in literally everything.

He wants to:

• Create something new
• Stretch the boundaries of the possible
• Widening the spectrum of knowledge and skills
• Gaining competence and mastery
• Striving for perfection

This is what rewards him with social acknowledgement. This rewards him with a strong sense of self-worth.

Physical sphere

The materialistic dimension with things to grab, steer and control is the sphere of the Achiever Man. He doesn’t believe in miracles or invisible spirits, instead he explains the world with pragmatic logic.
The rational binary thinking of the male brain hits its peak in scientists for centuries, who strive to make everything calculable.

Measurable phenomena get rationally examined until rock bottom and provide facts for understanding processes and coherences.

The submission of nature forces with rational thinking is what the industrialization mainly was about. Humanity took massive control over the physical world and since machines began to replace body power, entrepreneurs relied more on the workers intellect and ability to handle logic-based engines.

Intelligence, skills and precision is what industry now is asking for.

Man more and more becomes a thinker.

The masculine concept of power shifts from the physical body sphere into the realm of the mind.

What characterizes modern men?

Winning at chess requires strategy, focus and sometimes taking some risks.
You play to win of course.

First and foremost Goal-orientation. The orange man orients on himself and what he strives for. He is solely responsible for his acts, he doesn’t owe his success to god or a church.

To get what he wants he relies on risk-readyness of the violent and the archaic layers. He’s driven and prepared to dive adventurously into the unknown to claim new fields of gold.

His willpower is at the max. To achieve anything, he relies heavily on discipline and devoted determination stemming of the blue layer, with the difference that he’s committed to his goals rather than the orders of authority.

He arranges his routines and daily activities in a planning approach. Time gets split into a linear past – present – future perception with heavy focus on future outcomes.

Productivity is the keyword of industrialization and since then deeply buried in mens’ hippocampi. To dig out more diamonds in a shorter time period is the measurement of efficiency, so hurry up your workflow.

Speed up selling your croissants. Get results.

Your competitors don’t sleep.

Like in the egocentric stage, everything gets compared. But now we’re not talking about dick size anymore but rather about horsepower, sales numbers and employees to boss around.

If you get to know someone in Switzerland, the first small-talk question is „what is your profession?

In the modern world, you immediately classify others according to their economic power. At least to a huge part.

How does modern society perceive masculinity?

To get on top of the power pyramid you have to move fast, think pragmatically and use elbows.
Hurry if you want to keep up with the top dogs

Power men

In a world, that abandoned the traditional continuing of forefathers’ professions and requires people to measure their performance, man finds himself in a wild milieu filled with competitors.

Hierarchies get quickly established, but this time measured by personal competence and success rather than violence or noble descent.

Occupying the CEO office of Unilever or UBS surely puts you on top of the pyramid, where you enjoy a great view over the world. Your goal is to climb the ladder and claim the throne above the clouds as fast as possible.

You know, women love the top dogs.

At least they love men who are ambitious and driven to win the game.

Power – social or economical – is what orange men are after.


As masculine is regarded who is superior to others.

This can be the case in many fields. You may be an expert for brushing hippo teeth, earning six figures because no one else can do this.

Look at todays’ Instagram influencers, moving half of the globe with their bare tongue. They are superior than you because they have tons of social power.

Or master the art of bagpipe crafting. If you manage to gain mountains of attention with the fanciest bagpipes the world has ever seen, you can truly call yourself outstanding.

Superiority can come in different shapes:

• Economical power
• Mastering a unique skill
• Unbeatable knowledge
• Social superiority

Find your niche and beat everyone.

Demonstrating success

On your way up you collect achievements like Super Mario his gold coins but they’re worthless if they don’t catch attention.

You need something to show and brag around with.

Generals of all the worlds’ armies like to show around their medal-covered uniforms, so why shouldn’t you? Championships and sport competitions are great opportunities to collect visible success like golden cups and trophies.

In a world of constant comparisons, status insignia are needed to demonstrate your superior position.

Ever seen red carpet stars wearing bathrobe like The Dude? No, they wear Armani jackets, Swiss gold watches and designer glasses. Exclusivity and impressiveness are essential attributes that separate you from the plebs.

Or wave around with your adamantium MasterCard to demonstrate your elite caste belonging. In the orange world, a man is to a huge amount evaluated by his money shoveling ability.

Even if middle class is more your venue, at least show a regular income and talk about future prosperities.

The orange man thrives. He doesn’t get stuck like a nobody.

Can you specify some manly role models?

The first men on the moon - some of the worlds greatest pioneers.
Who dares wins

Let’s have a look at some typical examples.

Science prospered in the age of enlightenment and the masculine drive to examine, calculate and understand flourished. Scientists are armed with analytic minds to measure the world and hoarding expert knowledge.

Based on scholars’ calculations, Columbus dared to dive into the unknown and conquer the New World. The age of explorers began.
Do you want to get swallowed by the Amazonian rainforest to explore pyramids or ancient places? Do you want to be the first man on Mars?

Be a pioneer on whatever field you’re active in.

Gates and Jobs, for example, were outstanding pioneers in computer technology. They changed the world like hardly anyone else.

In talking about tech giants we must mention the entrepreneur. Driven by vision and ambition he grows beneath known boundaries and moves companies to make his dream come true.

Self-made men are a specialty of the land of unlimited possibilities. Become your own boss, found a start-up and get rich with products humanity has never seen before.

If you don’t have balls for the uncertainties of self-employment, you may become a career man who speeds up the corporate ladder. Especially banks or insurance companies are great for strategic career planners.

What are typical man-jobs?

Fast and successful – the busy man

They surround us every day.

Politicians surely are ambitious and power driven men. They regard their reputation as sacred and are pragmatic masters of a spectrum of methods to ensure their position.

Many men choose to become managers. The image of a responsibility-carrying elbow-worker is linked with high status and often comes with heavy income. And women fall for suits en masse.

Also potent wet-makers are popular artists like musicians or actors. Think of rockstars making millions of people headbanging simultaneously or the sexiest men alive like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. They draw global attention like no one else.

Not quite comparable in sexiness (although sapiosexuality – the attraction to intelligence – exists) are academics. Their speciality is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Get some degrees and commit your scientist-life to the discovery of world-changing insights.

Where’s the link to sexual dynamics?

The higher you climb the social pyramid, the more women will chase you.
Status undeniably is the no. 1 attraction key

Power equals sex

The formula is simple; more power = more sex. Which man would reject the playboy lifestyle of Hugh Hefner or Dan Bilzerian? They are famous, wealthy and – most important – they have access to tons of women.

Being successful and well-earning doesn’t just fill your pockets with money but also your balls with testosterone.

In the enlightened age the marriage traditions of the purple or blue stages are over. Sexual freedom leads to freedom in mate choosing not only for men but especially for women.

Women never date downwards

Women are subconsciously programmed to go only for men who are at least at the same level regarding intellect, income and status. Ever seen a model-like girl kissing an obese guy or an academic woman marrying a construction worker? Those cases exist but they are rare.

In a free sexual market, women naturally choose only the best they can get, especially when they can afford trying out partners before settling down.

This is rising mens’ competition to an enormous amount.

Why should a woman settle for a guy without a triple income of herself?

Why should a woman settle for a guy lesser educated than 2 masters degrees?

This is happening nowadays.

Fewer women want to commit and live monogamously when they can profit from a pool of men of higher social and economical value than themselves.

The pool of high value men is small

Men desperately sense this increasing competition.

This is why men brag with leased sports cars and lie about unemployment. This is why men spend thousands of bucks on pick up boot camps.

Even sex now becomes a performance game.

If you can’t satisfy a woman sexually in todays world, chances decline that she wants to keep you and all of her friends will take notice. At this point I would like to let small dicked men unmentioned.

But you know, penis enlargement tools and secret viagra orders are still a thing.

What has this to do with me?

I want you to survive in modern world. I want you to look past the rules and guidelines your parents provided you with and create your own life.

You won’t find a good job if you don’t boost your resume by highlighting all your small and big successes and are ready to use elbow power.

You won’t find a spouse in the dating jungle if you don’t take care of your look and how you appear in the eyes of others.

To fulfill your pursued dreams you must be ready to step out of your comfort zone and work with endurance, determination and creativity. You need to think expansively.

What are pitfalls of this layer?

Focusing too much on the outside can kill your soul.
Don’t let your soul get trapped in a senseless life


The daily pressure can be overwhelming. If life appears like a battlefield, you will burn out quickly. Just take a look at the increasing depression and suicide rates in the western world.

If you over-identify with the outside performance, feelings of senselessness will sneak in. Lots of men flee from that and occupy themselves with even more work, called workaholics.

Worries and concerns are torturing millions of people and mind-driven men are at risk to loose connection to their bodies.

How much „successful“ men in their 40’s or 50’s do you know who carry a heavy purse but also a heavy belly?

Maybe greed as a pathology of the orange mindset not only shows in the hoarding heaps of gold but also in exaggerated consumerism.


To distract yourself from the inevitable fear of loss and death accompanying an achievement-oriented lifestyle you rush into materialism.

More. Bigger.

Eternal growth.

The pathologies of capitalism.

Last but not least the loss of deep relationships is a current pitfall of the orange masculinity. In valuing accomplishments more than human connections, you risk to regard people as mere objects to deal with.

This is why since some decades a re-adjusted masculinity is on the rise. The Green Man is coming. But this will be topic of the next article. 😉

Achiever Summary

"Multitasking" - a typical term of modern times.
“Go go gadget”, you multitalent

Now let’s quickly collect the most important points.
The Achiever Man:

• Identifies with the self-centered „I“ as seen from outside
• Defines by his visible achievements
• Expands and grows
• Is goal-oriented
• Thinks rationally and strategically
• Strives for power in a mental sense
• Seeks superiority and mastery
• Compares his performance with others
• Regards sex as performance game

Have a successful day 😉



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  1. What i do not understood is actually how you are no longer actually much more well-liked than you
    may be right now. You’re so intelligent. You recognize thus considerably in the case of this matter,
    produced me personally imagine it from a lot of varied angles.

    Its like men and women don’t seem to be fascinated until it is something to do with Woman gaga!
    Your personal stuffs nice. All the time take care of it up!


    1. I’m not sure I get your comment, what exactly do you not understand? Why as orange man you aren’t as well-liked as earlier or what?


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