How to push yourself beyond limitations

To accomplish a heavy workout, use this no.1 trick that gears you up in seconds.
Let’s approach your archaic instincts.

I want to share with you a core technique of mine when it comes to pushing oneself beyond known boundaries, especially in regard of body training.

Real training is made when you stretch your comfort zone.

Real training is made by withstanding pain and discomfort at the egde of the bearable.

The hardest thing for me always was to even get close to the boundaries of my comfort zone. Before stretching some boundaries I have to take a first step into the wild jungle of pain and struggle.

How to get there?

How to get your lazy ass up the couch and start some killer workout in less then 60 seconds?

How to motivate yourself?

Use fear.

No emotion triggers the limbic system stronger than fear

Can you feel the adrenaline?

Imagine a drill sergeant bursting into your room, yelling at you to get started or you expect an even worse treatment. Those who have served exactly know how this gets you moving.

Or imagine street gang members trying to hijack your family members and the only way to prevent this is to make 10 burpees as fast as possible. You will sweat in seconds.

Don’t wait for your body impulses to come. Don’t wait for your body to be motivated.

Use your imagination. Use your emotions.

Use fear

Get your heart racing. This is my no.1 warm up method for intense workouts. I frequently imagine myself being in a war zone, desperately trying to rescue my family. I imagine that I have to move some heavy obstacles, otherways they would die. I literally treat my dumbbells like my life and that of loved ones depended on it.

When running uphill, imagine being chased by a wolfpack. I promise you will never have been running faster.

Imagine being in a heavy battle and for avoiding the bullets you must duck and jump over obstacles as fast as your body can.

This kind of stress is used in elite military bootcamps to push you beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Nothing motivates body instincts more than the fight for survival

Make it intense in your head. Approach the archaic layer with the fear of dying.

If done right this will to a 100% push you to the edge of your comfort zone.

I recommend this technique only as a warm up and not to build a whole workout upon it. Done with heavy intensity it induces an enormous amount of stress to the nervous system. This takes its time to recover. I don’t recommend it on a daily base if you’re not an experienced athlete.

And 10-15 mins at the max.

And then?

Welcome to your workout zone

Once you survived, you’re not scared of pain anymore

Then the actual training begins. Take a quick break from the horrific warm up and enjoy the great feeling of being a survivor.

If you’re a coffee drinker then this is the exact moment when I recommend caffeine. Not before. Not after. Close your eyes, feel the sensation of relief and sip your cold-brew.

Use the released energy to do your excercises. Your body is warm and fueled with glucose. The high pulse peak released mountains of fat-burning hormones.

Now it’s time to calm down mentally and pay attention to your body signals again. Seek pain and the sore muscle burning with a peaceful but determined mind.

Now you’re not driven by fear anymore but by ambition.

Now you’re torturing your muscles not because you think you feel forced from outside. Your body now wants it from itself.

You will feel brutally fantastic.


  1. Make your warm up a matter of life and death
  2. Imagine horrific scenarios that require your effort
  3. Feel the fear flowing through your veins and let it push you to tears
  4. After reached the peak, calm down, close your eyes and sip some coffee
  5. Now train with ambition and stretch your boundaries by seeking more pain
  6. Feel beastly as hell


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