Integral Man Day – Cheat Sheet

I want to introduce you a quick cheat-sheet I created to boost your day, especially when you’re out amongst people or working in a team.

Sequence of activities during the day regarding subconscious behavior patterns of the human psyche. They are based on shifting perspectives according to Integral Theory / Spiral Dynamics.

There are subconscious behavior patterns that kick in whenever we leave our familiar house. By consciously addressing the concerns of every psychic layer, we come much faster into a productive and fulfilling flow.

There are several questions our subconscious mind has to answer with a green light before the occupied mental energy can be released for the next one.

Those questions are:

Am I safe?

Am I in charge?

Can I influence my environment?

Can I create future outcomes on my terms?

Can I contribute something good for others?

This sequence of questions is based on integral psychology and my own research on conscious perspective shifts. The colors are borrowed from the spiral dynamics model. Every question comes with a change of perspective and by fully integrating them into our daily life, you will always fall into your bed satisfied.

This way, „work“ won’t be regarded as hard duty anymore since resistance against doing something always stems from acting against your subconsciousness and violating the law of the sequence. When you’re working in a team without feeling safe and in charge of yourself before, you will feel uncomfortable and inauthentic like a forced slave.

This way, when you approach your job duties in your self-powered, creational phase, work will be far more fulfilling and while meeting coworkers, you are able to live out your true, authentic self.

Repeat this pattern every time:

• You leave the house
• You enter a new environment (Streets, Workplace, a mall, etc.)
• You return from a break
• You’re surrounded by people

Learn more about integral approaches on every-day life in the Integral Masculine series.

Don’t act against your subconscious mind.

Work with it.

Download the sheet, print it out and stick it at the wall of your bathroom. Make sure you leave a comment and stuff.


Have a flowy day


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