What means settling?

Marry a woman, make kids, buy a house and work in your job until you reach retirement age – Settling.

Your parents probably did this. Your grandparents did this. And this is the mindset which you probably were raised with.

And then they say things like never settle down.

Stay wild.

Never let you tame you.

Never settle.

What the hell means that?

To marry a girl secures your relationship until the end of times, at least in your imagination. Buying a house and get familiar with the environment where you will spend the next decades of your life will provide you with structures and a sense of security. Having a stable job will provide you with routine and daily structures, so you don’t have to think about it anymore. No bad thing.

Think about it.

Settling provides a lot of advantages.

If you forget who you are.

Imagine a sandy beach with great tidal waves. Every wave moves rocks and sand particles and re-arranges them in a unique, specific way every single time. The wave comes, shapes the face of the beach and returns, only for the pebble stones to stay in their wave-induced position and form an unique picture.

You are that wave.

Your life are the thousands of pebbles that get re-arranged and moved around periodically.

You look at the picture, that you, as the tidal force himself, created in the broader beach.
Beautiful isn’t it?

You fall in love with it.

You like what you see and decide, that you want to keep it that way forever.

You want to hold on what you have. You’d like to capture and cement it for eternity.

You blind out the dark, hidden voice in your head that tells you, that the next wave will inevitably come sooner or later.

What do you do?

You forget, that since you are the wave, you will come sooner or later with an innocent, playful desire to re-arrange the pebblestones.

You try to hold on to the pattern in the sandy shore so desperately, that you begin to deny your tidal nature. You exchange the sense of your soul for sticking tightly to what you’ve created.

You exchange your true self for the illusion of security.

Then you exhale and wipe away the sweat on your forehead, as you recognize the waves’ height getting smaller and smaller.

You distanced yourself so far from your true nature, that the sea, of which you once were a proud part of, now seems a strange thing to be forgotten.

You stick to your sandy picture. You’re happy and look at it all day long.

But once the waves don’t come anymore to move pebbles and produce the smooth rustling like foreign voices, the heat of the sun dries out all the moisture that glued the stones together from inside.

They slowly begin to disaggregate and the wind does what it can best.

Slowly you turn your head around and with watching the blue ocean distancing itself more and more from the beach, a rising longing takes its place in your chest.

You make a step or two towards the sea.

Something seems missing.

You wish to hear the crashing waves again. You crave for witnessing the oceans’ power creating beautiful pictures again. You crave for getting reminded of your wave nature.

You begin to realize that you abandoned yourself and now the blue of the sea is too far away for you to be reached a second time.

The slowly crumbling masterpiece you once were so proud about, you think with tears in your eyes, is everything you have left.

And when darkness falls and you still hear the distant roaring of the ocean, a haunting longing in your heart is all that accompanies you into your deep, lonely sleep.

We are the ocean.

We’re here to create something beautiful.

Not to hold on to it.

Love you

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