Crispy update

Dear fellas

You haven’t heard from me for a while. This has its reason.

Where a lot of folks are currently struggling with lockdown situations and are imprisoned in their homes I get buried with work. My time for research and writing stuff is limited. And a second reason is currently slowing me down a little bit.

I started an e-book-project about integral masculinity and discovered about 2 weeks ago some studies about the paleolithic age. You know, that caveman-time where humanity arose and gained self-consciousness.

The studies I’m currently occupied with draw a complete different picture of the life-reality then, especially regarding sexual male-female dynamics. As those dynamics are crucial for the origin of masculinity, I began to see masculine concepts in a complete different light. Understandable, that under those new perspectives I must use a slightly altered approach on my integral-masculinity-guide. Hope you guys aren’t mad about.

So I decided to write in the next weeks a series about the paleolithic man.

I will cover:

• The life circumstances in the paleolithic era
• The meaning of the distinction between men and women
• The sexual dynamics between men and women
• Different masculine role-models

See you soon



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