Paleo-Masculinity: Tribe Leader Mindset

The tribe leader focuses on:

• Creating a physically safe environment

Creating space for womens’ fertility

Publicly committing to this purpose

This article is especially for the pickuppers amongst modern men.

I’ve read tons of stuff about pickup mindsets and frames and as you might guess, a lot of this stuff might seem controversial to some people, especially feministic oriented ones who criticize the sex-fixation of those predator-appearing men.

As you might know, I studied a lot about the origins and purpose of masculinity, especially how todays men can develop a healthy masculine existence as part of broader society.

In the last days, I came across a mindset that can be regarded as a cross-section between the sexual alpha prototype preached by pickup artists and a natural, healthy manifestation of our subconscious masculine programs, that also serves society at the same time.

It’s the tribe leader mindset.

For this, we imagine travelling back in time into the paleolithic era. A time, where the matrifocal tribes were organised around the creation and continuation of life and were in need of powerful men to achieve this.

Basically, a tribe leader is interested in establishing a strong, fertile tribe. For this to achieve, he makes use of the different layers of his subconsciousness:

• His impulsive, physical body instincts

• His sexual reactions on womens’ fertility signals

• His drive to build up a powerful self-identity

The most basic principle of masculinity lies in the awareness of the own body power. Even modern corporate men sometimes feel the need to move, working with hands or hitting the gym. Using muscles just feels good and manly.

The safe environment

The future tribe leader uses his physics to create a safe environment. In the paleolithic, this meant killing enemies, building traps and walls against predatory animals. Running through the forest, moving trunks and preparing a safe place to live required heck of a lot of body power.

Do you even lift? Quit the gym and go outside, try moving and throwing heavy rocks. :-*
Prepare your love-nest, bro

In modern world, we don’t go killing our opponents anymore, and predators are mostly extinct, but our instincts are there, nevertheless. Today it’s less about the actual act of fighting and stemming trunks but more about the readiness.

Would you be ready to fight, if a robber was awaiting you around the corner?
Would you be ready to remove some heavy obstacles in case of an accident?

This is why I recommend men to practice martial arts or hitting the gym. Working as security, I am always violence-ready anyway, but this is something that should be cultivated in every man, especially pickuppers. Women want to feel safe. They want a man they feel is ready to take physical action immediately if necessary.

Because this is basic for a tribe leader.

For manifesting the physical powerful tribe leader mindset into reality:

• Seek physical effort daily (E.g. withstanding harsh weather, sweating, climbing stairs, etc.)
• Seek bodily pain regularly (E.g. muscle-tearing workouts, martial arts, stretching, etc.)
• Develop a healthy body-mind connection (nourishment, doing yoga & meditation)

Whereas the physical body impulses stem mainly from the root chakra, connection to our sense of survival, the sacral chakra is strongly linked with our consciousness for sexuality and fertility.

This leads us to the second point.

The fertile space

After creating a safe environment, the tribe leader wants women to open up sexually. Since womens’ fertility works in cycles and their sex-readiness depends on different factors, a man must develop finely tuned instincts on their needs to address them.

Professional pickuppers know about the importance of making a woman feel comfortable, reading her subtle signs and giving her exactly what she needs to get horny. Last but not least, they create a sexual time-space bubble, where the woman feels that she can freely express her sexuality.

Create spaces where women feel safe and encouraged to express their true, sexual self.
If you’ve ever experienced a naked woman dancing around a fire you know what I’m talking about

This is exactly, what a paleolithic tribe leader has in mind in a matrifocal society, where women have the last word when and with whom they sleep. As today, rape is a no-go as he wants to cultivate a stable long-term tribe and establish a women-positive recommendation.

But tribe leaders as well as modern casanovas need to look beyond the egocentric perspective of women as pure sex objects. They see the feminine fertility in them, and they appreciate the future mother. They strive for doing everything that’s needed to signalise, that it’s completely desired and pressure-free to be sexual around them. Their common goal, a high feminine libido, comes naturally when a womans’ deeper needs are recognised and met.

For todays men this means: Flirt with women. Show your true appreciation to their beauty in a non-predatory way. Create sexual-freedom-bubbles. Approach the youthful girl in riper women and see the potential round belly of girls.

Just try to see them as who they truly are inside and love them for it.

I dare to call this mindset feminist-friendly, since it appreciates the polyfocal feminine nature of women and gives them space to discover their sexuality freely.

Manifest the potent tribe leader mindset into reality:

• Open yourself for the emotional needs of others
• Allow yourself to be touched emotionally by the inputs of others
• Embrace and appreciate the unique creative expressions of people around you (E.g. special style, wonderful perfume, girly attitude, contagious laughter etc.)
• Let the subtle erotic stimuli of women resonate within your soul
• Learn about the polyfocal sexuality of women
• Learn to develop a sexy man – appearance

The personal mission

But wait, for us men there’s more.

Our solar-plexus chakra, seat of the sense of self and identity, drives us to strengthen our powerful position. It’s linear time perception looks beyond the short-term act of copulation and pushes the man to defend his women against unworthy future opponents. As a tribe leader, you can’t rest on your laurels.

Wherever powerful men clash, power games become a matter of identity. Women seek the presence of men who stand for something, who exactly know their place in the world and whose path goes beyond a simple shag-in, shag-out relationship.

Because, as pickuppers know, women are drawn to powerful men. A man with a strong identity wants to make sure, that everyone around exactly knows what he wants and what they can expect of him.

Get the reputation of a lion-king

Have a purpose. Pursue your mission of becoming a tribe leader. A public commitment binds you to your goal, and your sense of self gets defined by your visible results towards it.

The tribe leader continuously expands his territory of influence and improves the life conditions of the women around him. He invites trustworthy men and makes them his allies. He warmly welcomes women who seek the safety of his presence. He defends his proteges against harmful predators.

I’m not talking about white knight behavior or cockblocking, which is more rooted in deeper flaws of egocentric individuals just seeking validation and sex. The tribe leader is not in need of validation. He already knows who he is. Instead, he’s driven by seeking only the very best for the women who resonate strongly with his own anima in his heart and guts.

You want to manifest the powerful tribe leader mindset into reality?

• Make the tribe leader identity your personal purpose
• Let the world know about your mission
• Get to know new women on a regular basis
• Make them feel welcome and safe to open up around you
• Make female friends who warm your heart
• Make male allies who are worthy to join your tribe and open doors for new connections
• Make your actions visible and avoid hidden agenda

So far the broader picture of the tribe leader, my friend. In my eyes, this mindset provides you with everything you need to develop a strong, healthy masculinity. It:

• Gives you a reason to workout and sculpt a strong, masculine body
• Drives you to connect with other humans
• Makes other people (especially women) happy
• Gives you a natural approach to masculine sexuality
• Provides you with a life-purpose and concrete goals
• Creates you an authentic, fulfilling man-identity

Whether you’re a pickupper, a man left alone by society or are already married, it doesn’t matter.

If you want to experience women wild and free, then you’re like me.

If you’re on the path of becoming a tribe leader, you’re my friend.




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