The beat of your heart

One day, after another exhausting yet unproductive workday, I asked myself „How do I manage to start every day driven by pure passion, from the very morning on?“

Truth is, I can’t.

To be led by your hearts burning fire is nothing, that starts with a workout routine or cold showers. You simply decide to put feet out of your bed.

To exactly know, where you’re heading to and enjoying the journey has nothing to do with visualizing long-term goals or staring at inspiration quotes. Every day you create your life from zero, beginning with the very first move.

To be content and happy with your existence has nothing to do with daily meditation or smiling exercises in front of the mirror. You have to dive into the here and now so deeply that it hurts.

The critical spark for the very personal fire in your eyes isn’t fueled by the first coffee in the morning.

It is a decision.


There is no routine, habit or structure, that would guarantee you a life-lasting passion power to push you through life.

It is the beat of your heart, every single second, that lets you take a small step and map out a fraction of the future at the same time.

Feel the rhythm of your heart drum.

Action. And feeling.






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