Sometimes life calls us to do crazy shit. At least some of us.

Currently, I’m occupying a seat on the flight to Guatemala, leaving my birth continent Europe forever in trade for a so-called third world country.

Which monkey in the world has ridden me to make such a life altering decision that most of my Swiss relatives would have called bat-shit crazy?

Maybe it was my heart’s desperate craving for something new. Breaking out of accostumed structures.

Maybe it was, because I’m feeling more at home in myself in unknown places.

Maybe it was, because I deeply deeply felt inside me, that a man has to make that single one crucial leap in his life, where he crosses the bridge between life and death.


Homo Sapiens surely is the most extraordinary species on this planet and his sexual past undoubtably confirms this. Since hundreds of thousands of years, matured males often had to leave their tribe to prevent their overboarding sexual desires from lusting after their own mother. It is said, that there is only one true love in the life of a man; his mother. At least she is his very first one. But the sexual energy of any man doesn’t belong into the environment of his mother, it belongs to the realm of the women he will have future offspring with.

It must have been hard for the young sapiens males to leave the familiars for diving into the unknown. Pre-modern societies define themselves over group-affiliation and saying goodbye to the faces familiar since birth must have felt like dying. At one point in history, our ancestors began to ritualize this transition as lots of contemporary hunter-gatherer-tribes still do today. The all follow the same pattern to guide a boy through the narrow path of initiation.

You get taken away from your tribe – Death.

You’re forced to undergo some life-changing experiences – Initiation.

You get invited into a new tribe – Rebirth.

Since tens or even hundreds of thousands of years. Some rituals may have even been dangerous. Young boys sometimes have been left alone in nature for some days or weeks to put their strength to the test. This tradition was even common amongst the ancient Spartans. To leave the tribe and to survive alone in wilderness was a life-threatening adventure in our ancestor’s world and against the depiction of archaic times, solo-goers have been likely to die sooner or later. The alpha-male roaming his territory on his own is a myth. There’s a reason, why primates tend to gather in groups. Of course, the cultivated homo sapiens didn’t really want to let their sons die out there, but a tiny glimpse of a facing-death experience was essential to resonate deeply with the challenge of leaving one’s mother forever. To make one conscious about his masculine purpose.

Death – Initiation – Rebirth.

This pattern claims its accostumed space deeply hidden in all our male’s subpsyche. This is what drives men to go to war for their country. This is why men do extreme sports and shit. This is why staring into the eye of death is so addictive for men.

It’s the crucial step into manhood.

This is my initiation.

Or iniciación, like they would say on this part of the planet.

Have a nice day :-*


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