Laughing and Orgasms – Life’s Most Important Things

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Have you ever been asked about the most important thing in life?

What did you respond?

Was it „Laughing and orgasms“ like I use to answer?

Why not?

There are hell of tons of things people regard as the most important ones in life. To get wealthy. To experience and grow. To receive salvation by the Lord and get into heaven. To be a good role model for children. To die in peace. To feel ecstatic. And the neverending list goes on.

For a long time for me, the most important thing in life was to be able to leave this life in peace. To return into the warm, embracing darkness of non-dual existence without remorse, guilt or worldly attachements. I never regarded the masquerade of the visible world at daylight as very important as I was always completely aware, that everything will die and decay into its components again. Status games, suffering over relationships, hell – not even the inherent importance of holy scriptures I could take serious since I meditated for hours about the finitude of matter, body and emotions. Very similar to Buddhist perceptions, I believe, that the less we project deeper meaning onto the experiencable realm, the lighter we can exist and will continue to do so after passing the gate of dying. Death and rebirth.

I always favored nighttime and moonshine for feeling embedded in darkness, reminding me on the emptiness of death – which at the same time is absolute fullness, for the eye invisible to see but for the heart to feel.

I only had one problem: I couldn’t transfer my philosophy onto daytime. You can’t go through busy streets at noon internally proclamating the insignificance of the material world. You can’t execute a job correctly, if you contemplate about the meaninglessness of your job. You can’t take sour bills not serious unless you’re a possession-less monk. The inside and the outside world slowly but unstoppably began to collide and my authenticity suffered severely.

Well, the human mind simply can’t concentrate on dying.

Letting go, dying, insignificance or unseriousness are negatively associated, not meaning they would be somehow bad or to be defeated, but rather they describe the absence of something. But daylight-awareness can’t focus on the absence of something as it always looks for something graspable to hold on. So give it something to hold on.

Why not portals of death?

Laughing for example is such a thing. Laughing about something takes away its weight and seriousness and may it be only for a short moment. This is why people like to drink; to laugh together to forget the burden of existence for a while. This is why we like dark humor (at least I do); to look beyond the heaviness of destiny’s strokes and remind oneself, that even the nastiest fatalities eventually come to an end. Laughing is healing. Becoming aware of the insignificance of whatever currently is depressing us is healing. Letting go of hard thoughts by recognizing life’s irony is healing.

There’s a reason why humans as the most successful race of’em all have been a social race for millions of years. Laughing together halves the burden one may carry. Laughing strengthens bonds and gives courage to move on. Laughing together may be the cure for humanity’s future as it was the key of our past.

Happy couple cuddling and laughing

Did you ever notice the similarities between hard laughing and a good orgasm? Our ancestors not only have been a social species and probably have been laughing a lot, they also were literally hypersexual, as modern science indicates.

Similar to laughing, orgasms leave you feeling refreshed and comforting. They both release pleasuring hormones making you see the world through an altered lense. They not only clear your head but energize your whole spiritual body system from top to toes. Both, lauging and orgasms, connect people emotionally, leaving them on the same wavelength and create a memorable good time. And the orgasm is the only biological event, that creates new life. Every single follower of every single religion that has ever existed got created by an orgasm himself. Maybe we should be aware of this fact more often.

After an orgasm, you feel like you’ve been dying and were reborn. The French refer to the orgasm as the „little death“ not without reason. It is a literal portal to the realm of all-existence, making you experience ecstatically the possibilities of infinity. It is a doorway to temporary death and heaven at the same time. Orgasms are healing. Orgasms are not carnal desires of the flesh only, they are a profound need of the human soul as well.

And it is something we can concentrate on in our everyday lifes, just as lauging. We can’t get up with the intention of letting go everything that occupies our minds. But we can get up with the intention of finding a more humorous connection to our contemporaries. We can get up with the intention of making love life with our partner more romantic and sexual. We can learn sarcasm. We can learn pussy licking and different ways of clitoris rubbing. We can begin drawing dark humor comics. We can explore tantra. We can develop a sense of irony. We can stop masturbating and contribute our orgasmic energy to our partner solely. The possibilities are nearly endless.

And all end up in moments of releave, of feeling at home, of connection with the nothingness/fullness of all-existence, in a foretaste of death and rebirth.

Especially for men who want to develop their natural masculinity, I regard the ability of providing humour and orgasms as a very, very crucial one. Being funny is a highly attractive trait not without reason – it demonstrates a man’s capacity to not crack under life’s seriousness and his ability to intentionally make people feel something. It displays sovereignty. Women fall for men who can make them laugh, even more for men who are very sexual at the same time. Mentally long-term aiming on bringing a woman to orgasm resonates with a man’s deepest purpose of existence – to have sex. Making orgasms your priority together with the ability to look beyond the absurdities of life in a humorous way will form you into a man sexy as hell.

In the sense of that both hold enormous healing capacity, bring joy into life, bond people together and release healthy hormones, I can’t see a single reason, why laughing and orgasming shouldn’t be the most important things in life. This is valid even more if you want to become a sexy man.

It is true, that my greatest value still is being able to die in peace. But from now on, this requires me to contribute my visible day-light life to making people laugh and orgasm more.


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