Swiss Trust

Normally – at least naturally for the human soul – behavior and structures arise from inside out. First we grow up in a profound trust in life, then we develop and enfold our actualized selves – structures arise, patterns emerge and our outer image begins to grow.

Unfortunately, we’ve been raised quite the other way. Everything we always have heard (and still hear) is „First you have to have a specific education, first you must have a job, first you must be insured, first you must be in a stable relationship, first you have to fulfill xxx parameters. Then you can let yourself fall into life a little bit.“

This is an approach from outside-in. This is literally suffocating human souls in the long term. This is consciousness in the process of decaying and shrinking.

Swiss’ are masters in not trusting life. They are world-leading in being over-insured. They are obsessed with getting everything under control. They are addicted to steer through life not heart first but head first. They are masters in not being connected to the profound source of life.

This isn’t a healthy life-approach and it surely isn’t a masculine one. Swiss have no balls and this is an additional reason I had to leave my birth country. There were no inspiring, strong men to be found.

Swiss men usually look for themselves first. „If I’m okay, everything is fine“. I agree, that in order to be a fully functioning human, one has to have his needs met. But I harshly criticize the coldness and distancing mentality towards people not being blessed with luck as they are.

„If you struggle, it’s your own fault“.

Will I ever return to the elite forge of egoism? I doubt it.

What I recognized in Guatemala, was that people here help each other. The country is poor and lacks of a lot of material things, but people stay polite and open-hearted. In less than 3 weeks I witnessed several times, how strangers helped each other fixing a broken car. Strangers passing on the street greet each other. Beggars are given some coins. Strangers get approached with „amigo“ – friend. This uncomplicated Life is not all giggles ‘n’ shit, but we all will get through somehow – mentality.

In Switzerland, once you pass a beggar you think „well, we have so advanced social care institutions, he will get what he needs without my help.“ Once you pass a broken car on the road, you think „Oh he surely already called towing service, he doesn’t need me“. If someone tells you he looks for a job, you think „We have job searching institutions and insurances, I can’t help him anyhow.“ If someone tells you he is in debt, you think „He should work harder and we have social care anyway, I don’t have to give him something“.

While it certainly is true, that Switzerland has pretty few beggars and homeless people, cars are insured and social care helps you finding jobs, the mentality of making coverage and safety in every regard the first priority comes with one huge downer; It massively distances people from each other.

For me, covid-crisis brutally demonstrated this.

Fear took over. Fear over loosing jobs. Fear of having not enough toilet paper. Fear of dying. Fear of a possible economic crisis. Fear of a suddenly uncertain future. Fear of human contact.

Instead of being shaken up and recognizing, that the future of humanity will depend on cooperation, sharing of resources and regarding each others needs, people in richer countries clamp on their possessions even more. Less money gets spent. Less gets donated. Less gets invested. Consciousness shrinking. For me, the western world is a dying realm.

Instead of recognizing the wake-up call of the crisis and surrendering to the circle of life and death, people desperately cling to government orders, economical support and overhasty vaccines. Outer structures that are expected to somehow stabilize the inner soul’s terror. Outer measures that are expected to somehow compensate the lack of trust in life.

This is not how life works.

This surely isn’t how a developed man goes through life.

As a man, first you trust. Trust your soul, your body, your destiny. First you learn how to not let yourself be distracted by the fear of death. First you make yourself ready to let go of everything in the worldly life. Then generosity can appear, humility, kindness and gratefulness.

As a man, you have to prepare yourself to die. Every man has to jump over a cliff eventually, testing his courage to fall freely into darkness and his trust in being catched again. Iniciacíon – Initiation. Then, and only then, his true, strongest self can come to full bloom and serving life with pride. Then, and only then, one can call himself a real man.

First, you trust.

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