The Spiritual Power of Males

Nothing is more masculine than making people laugh and orgasm at the same time. Why?

In this post, we discover the true power of making people laugh. #1.

Imagine a pyramid and 3 men. Who is more powerful? The one being on top, always fearing falling down and desperately defending his place? Being the one below, painfully trying to get on top without ever succeeding? Or the one making the whole pyramid implode with a single snap of his fingers anytime he likes to?

This surely is a rhetorical question.

But the same principle can be applied to human power perceptions, especially masculine power.

If you want truly to become powerful, you should stop desperately trying to get on top of any pyramid. Even in the unlikely event that you get there, you will realize, that life still is as hard and painful as before, you just turned the side. True power lies in making the top guy realize, that all his life was a lie and his effort was worthless. True power lies in being able to see beyond the masquerade and making others seeing it as well.

What is more powerful – to point a gun at somebody’s head forcing him to give his money… Or to make him give it to you by free will and even loving you afterwards?

The first will fill your pockets but make you hated and karma surely will strike back one day.

The latter will fill your pockets and provide you with a new ally adoring and following you.

Egyptian whipping a slave - seems powerful but isn't
Is this true power?

True Masculine Power Is Not Fearing Death

The ability to make people laugh is such a pyramid-imploding, filling-pockets-and-getting-it-all trait. It is a pure vein of gold in the masculine gold rush of getting as powerful as possible.

Striving for power is a very masculine characteristic and not to be condemned. It is purely natural. The desire for getting powerful springs up from the procreational drive to get sexually selected and provide survival advantages for offspring. Power actually isn’t a bad thing. Whether power is destructive or not is a question of what is intentioned and done with it.

But what is power actually? Is it to get what you want? To hoard wealth? To influence people following every single word of you? What for?

We all will die.

While Egyptian pharaos built pyramids to ensure their immortality, you should be 100% aware that everything physical in this world, including bodies, pockets and possessions, will decay to earth and dust. So why call it to be powerful to strive for those things?

Wouldn’t it be much more powerful to embrace death? To be able to let go of everything at any time? The vikings were some of the most feared and fierce warriors, because they laughed about dying in battle. The Spartans, ancient Greece’s most efficient war machines, aimed at nothing else than dying through the sword. Nothing unleashes more masculine strength and determination than the complete absence of mortal fear.

Imagine pointing a gun at someones head and without blinking he grabs the barrel and pushes it even closer to his forefront, deadly staring into your eyes. What is more powerful than not fearing death a slight bit?

Viking not afraid of dying
He who isn’t afraid of death becomes the fiercest of’em all

Laugh like a Devil-May-Care

But how to demonstrate the absence of fear and unshakened trust in life without wearing viking armor or daring street gangsters? How to display sovereignty and welcomeness towards whatever the devil may come up with? How do you show your badassness?

You demonstrate, that you don’t take the physical parameters of life as seriously as everyone else does.

You laugh into the face of seriousness.

You laugh into the face of people sticking to possessions and fearing the loss of it.

You laugh into the face of people desperately sticking to religious promises of immortality.

You show, that you’re able to laugh about fucking everything. You demonstrate, that what people identify with in life – their egos – is nothing of inherent value, nothing that will endure the times. Nothing, that you can take serious. Not even your own.

And making people adapt the same view – making people question the seriousness of their own ego – is what true power lies in. Making people laugh about what seems so important and cemented to them, is powerful. Making people look beyond the ridiculous masquerade of egos and adore you for it, makes you a living demigod.

Imagine making D. J. Trump aware about the ridiculosity of his own tweets so strongly that even he has to laugh about it. This is what I’d call powerful.

You want to be a man? Learn to laugh into devil's face
Don’t take life too seriously

Be The Sexual Shaman

Laughing is medicine, is healing and you’re the shaman holding the cure. Nothing is more powerful than providing a scarce resource. Laughing opens up emotionally and eases the mind. It makes people comply with you. This is where the true spiritual power of a man is to be found; In his approved skill of making people laugh even under roughest circumstances or against any moral chains.

Women adore men who can free them from the suffocating graveness of life. Before they want their clothes to be stripped off, they need their sorrows and mental garbage to be shattered away. They worship men, whose words are more powerful than the heavy darkness of modern world, and may the lightness only be temporary. It demonstrates, that you’re strong enough to not crack under the pressure of our competitives world’s seriousness. It’s like a middlefinger pointing boldly to the devil.

Couple this with the ability to open people up physically, sexually. Couple the ability to tickle women’s humour nerves with the physical capacity to impale and sending them into orgasm-heaven. You’d quickly be counted to the worlds sexiest men alive.

Want to become a living demigod? Make women laugh and orgasm hard.
Women need men who can handle the pressure of life

Having ferocious sex without being driven by open hearts can be called rape. Making people laugh without ever sticking your penis into vaginas can be called a sad clown. But mastering the tightrope walk of sexual soul euphoria will make you a true god amongst mortal men.

But this will be the material for post #2, where we cover the other half of the truest core of masculinity – and that is providing orgasms.



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