This is about

• Our true nature

• Masculinity development

• The re-creation of a natural lifestyle

What it’s based upon

• Integral Theory & Spiral Dynamics

• Sexuality of the stone age

• Our deepest subconsciousness

What it serves for

• It should change your life (at least a little bit)

• Entertaining you

• Making the world a bit freer

Me. Just imagine some extra beard.

Hi, I’m Ralph. I studied social anthropology and re-invented as freelancing author. Currently I am writing about sexual dynamics of the stone age and the origin of masculine concepts.

Human development, Spirituality and the Integral Theory are as well specialties of mine, as my long-term goal is to develop an integrative-natural lifestyle, tailored for the true human spirit.

Contact me for exchanging ideas or just fooling around.

The only way to deal with an unfree world
Is to become so radically free
That your very existence is an act of rebellion

A. Camus