About the Way of the Predator

This’ about:

• What true masculinity is up to the very core

• Development of sexy-as-hell-masculinity

• Coming in touch with primal spirituality

What this is based upon:

• Spiral Dynamics model of human development

• Social & Sexuality dynamics of 300’000 years of human history

• Subconscious mental and behavioral patterns


Yo, this is Ralph writing. A nomad on the quest for pinning down the deepest ancient and spiritual roots of masculinity. Nearly all destructivities of the last 10’000 years – wars, rapes, poverty, genocides & inquisitions – can be traced back at man’s completely wrong approach on sex & relationships. Time to bring some hurting but truthful clarity into the matter of men, women, sexuality and love.

When I die, there shall be stronger men in this world

• Social Anthropologist
• Ex- Security Contractor
• Nomad

The only way to deal with an unfree world
Is to become so radically free
That your very existence is an act of rebellion

A. Camus