Hi there.
This world is in need for a new generation of Samurai.
Help me to forge them.
For this, we first have to forget who we were.

This is about

• Masculine development

• Spirituality

• Principles of life

What it’s based upon

• Integral Theory

• Spiral Dynamics

• Unconscious perspective patterns

What it serves for

• Providing insights

• Applicable advice

• Inspiring young men

This world needs new Samurai.

Since masculine Yang-power is the driving force of life, it lies upon us men to take the right steps for healing impacts.

When I grow old, I want to see a new generation of people choosing the path of the Samurai. I dream of seeing men again, who

Are masters of their brutish force
Take responsibility for living beings
Live in prosperous and creational relationships
Speak out the truth with clarity
Are strong and inspirational fathers
Understand their role in the universal game

The Way of the Predator shall be a small committment to this vision.

The only way to deal with an unfree world
Is to become so radically free
That your very existence is an act of rebellion

A. Camus