Inside-Self Relations

The black and the white wolf
Animus and Anima
Your outer identity and your inner self

Countless terms exists to describe what humanity knows since millennia; That humans have two souls inside. I’m here to explain how this duality affects you and how to deal with it.
My goal is helping people to get more in alignment with themselves and this begins with recognizing and cultivating ones’ own polarity.

Blog Posts

You’re a man.

You’re here to make a difference. It all begins with the difference between past and future. With your presence in the here and now. You’re a man. You’re here to make a physical difference. Between the ground and your feet, the boundaries of your body and the rest of the world. You’re here to move … Continue reading You’re a man.

The beat of your heart

One day, after another exhausting yet unproductive workday, I asked myself „How do I manage to start every day driven by pure passion, from the very morning on?“ Truth is, I can’t. To be led by your hearts burning fire is nothing, that starts with a workout routine or cold showers. You simply decide to … Continue reading The beat of your heart


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